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It's been over eight years for Phoenix Wright. Eight years since he was transported to the world of colourful ponies. Eight years since his showdown in the courtroom against Trixie over the fate of Rainbow Dash. Eight years since he was disbarred for submitting false evidence in a trial back in the human world. The last several years of investigation over the case that cost him his badge, and his subsequent return to the legal world has left his foray into Equestria as a faint memory, only the picture he keeps in his desk proving to him it wasn't a dream.

Coming off his most recent case, the ace attorney has decided to take a well deserved rest, but fate would have another plan for the lawyer, as once again his services, and those of The Wright Anything Agency, have been called to Equestria to solve the second murder in recent equine history. The stakes are higher than anyone, or anypony, could imagine, and if the defendant is found guilty, the repercussions could be disastrous. Day one of the trial is about to begin.

All rise.

A/N: While planning out my other fics and getting back into writing, I finished watching Turnabout Storm and noticed that the resulting "sequel" fics are lacking or overwrought. Consider this a writing exercise and an attempt to do the series justice.

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As it happens, I'm in the planning stages for a sequel of my own, with the aid of Kipaji, the editor for the fanfic version of TS here on FIMFiction.

Still... this is pretty interesting. I'll keep tabs on it.

I spotted a typo here or there, but this looks promising. I look forward to the use of the Mood Matrix in written format. (Because if you don't use the Mood Matrix, I will be a very sad pony).

This makes me wonder, though... who's going to be the prosecutor? I highly doubt ANYPONY wants to prosecute Celestia.

If this is one of Celestia trolls/tests, I will graft a **** on her just so i can punch her in it

So... Is What Came Before and Beyond cancelled? :pinkiesad2:

nope next chapter is being written just needed to work on something else as an exercise.

I demand to see more great work.

But Celestia as the defendant and Luna the victim.....

Whoo boy. Good luck Phoenix.

Yes. Yes... Yes, yes YEEEES!!!!! :pinkiehappy: Oh, please write more!!!!

I hope you're not thinking of slowing time down in Equestria and less time has passed because a lot of the sequels have made that same mistake...
Instead of limiting yourself with what happened before season 4,
Why not making those 8 years gone in equestrian as well?
As you already know, season 4 is airing now so not only you can make references to any of these episodes but you can create you own take on what happens to the characters in the future that will give you more creative freedom. :twilightsmile:

Actually, if you treat the Human World in Equestria Girls as the same world that Ace Attorney takes place in, then it makes sense that there's a different passage of time. After all, we know that Sunset left for the Human World before Twilight started to become Celestia's apprentice. However, we know from evidence slight shots poised in the film, that Sunset has been in the Human World for only a single cycle. Granted, that would mean that several decades would have passed in Equestia after just eight years in the Human World but, time isn't a straight line.

I'd rather not treat those two human worlds as the same, even though that's up to the author,
besides, final video of turnabout storm confirmed that it had only been two days in Phoenix's world,
pretty much the time he was in Equestria.

Well, well, well, who would have thought that I'd see the start of an excellent sequel to Turnabout Storm? certainly not me. Good luck, and write quickly!

Nice to see you returning to writing, Squid-Hoof, and in such a spectacular fashion. I'm a big fan of Turnabout Storm myself, so I'm more than pleased to see a sequel that's shaping up to do it justice.

Really looking forward to the next chapter of What Came Before and Beyond, as well. It's my favorite HiE on this site, bar none, and is what inspired me to write one of my own (however shamefully mediocre I'm starting to think it is).

I swear, if Trixie's the one prosecuting again... :flutterrage:

Still, good Celestia this has already caught my attention! I was half expecting one of the mane six to have been taken down, not Luna. And Celestia as the suspect...Woah :unsuresweetie: Things just got WAY harder! Good luck Phoenix Wright! May Spike and his powerful moustache be with you! :moustache:

Well that escalated quickly! Why would you kill off Luna!? :'(

This looks really promising and well done. I definitely will follow this.

It might be a bit too soon and hasty to already consider Luna as dead. Let's wait and see.

I can smell Edgeworth being here, for the sake of relieving the supposed bad rep he had for RD embarrassing photos, which I might guess if Rd in either a clown suit or an awkward frilly dress.

3639714 I highly doubt it will be Trixie. She took up the offer simply to take revenge on Twilight and her friends. This is a whole new ball park, if Celestia is the suspect. Whatever council presides over these matters would want only the best in this case. No weird side shows and grudges, only what will be best for the entirety of Equestria...and they will royally screw that up most likely, but still doubt it would be Trixie. :pinkiehappy:

Overall, I will be watching. You haven't earned a favorite or like yet, but that may soon come along with this story. I can only hope you finish it, cause not doing so with something like this would be cruel. (Unless there is a good reason of course. I am not mean after all.)


I wonder if Trixie or Sonata are going to make a cameo, nevertheless.

3641566 Trixie maybe, but still unsure of how much time has passed. Sonata might still be serving a jail sentence, though one could hope otherwise. She was by far my favorite character in Turnabout storm.


This makes me wonder, though... who's going to be the prosecutor? I highly doubt ANYPONY wants to prosecute Celestia.

The real murderer maybe?

looks interesting... I'll follow it :twilightsheepish:

Bring in Prosecutor Edgeworth!!... or Blackquill, they're both cool :twilightblush:

She was called the murder victim, folks don't tend to stop being dead. However, they could be portrayed as invulnerable and she requires time to reform...but that's kind of a cop out, and it would trivialize the whole thing. I guess we'll see

The character we are following hasn't seen the body yet.
More details may be needed.

3642381 Prosecutor should be Discord

Princess Luna being the victim made me have a silent "OMG:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:!!!!!" moment but I had a second one when Celestia (:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:) was the suspect. I mean, CELESTIA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I didn't even know she could be ARRESTED!!!!! Also, I'm glad you brought Apollo, Athena, and Trucy along for the ride. Can't wait to see what's next.

Luna's the victim and Celestia's the suspect? This will truly be the greatest fanfic ever!:pinkiehappy:

Fuck. Well then, let's get to it!

Kinda sad to see the other characters along for the ride. Ah well.

~Have a good one.

You may want to fix your cover description since it's as you said;technically, this should be the first murder, since the previous victim died due to an accident from his own actions rather than through the malevolent doings of another.

3644167 That might spoil it for people who have yet to see the original. A good sequel should draw new people to the original. Maybe add in "Murder Case" instead, since it technically was a trial for such, but leaving it the way it is also works.

Well this certainly looks promising. Can't wait to see more.:pinkiehappy:

Jeebus help us! You've got to have some mad writing and planning skills to pull this one off. I so hope you can.


I did have it like this due to spoilers, since not everyone has seen part 5 of Storm, but I'll watch how I discuss it in fic. I actually have an issue with the ruling in Storm as the facts were.

WHAT A TWIST! Let there be more.


Well, the "victim" Ace Swift try to kill Sonata to keep from revealing their blackmailing activities, so there was a murder attempt at least. I disliked the part where Celestia, after the trial, dismissed the whole incident as an "accident" rather than a true crime ignoring this little fact

Since Trixie is in the character tags, I'm guessing she'll have a large presence. I would've preferred her not be prosecutor again (though for all I know Cadence could be the prosecutor). Since Magic Duel pretty much "redeemed" her. So her wanting to get Celestia proven guilty to take revenge on Twilight wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Though I'm sure if she's prosecutor again, you'll give a decent enough reason for her wanting to get Celestia guilty. Maybe you'll go the Edgeworth route and have her just doing her job. It would be nice to see a "by the books prosecutor" Trixie. :pinkiehappy:

Good story but your timeline is a little off. There was a downloadable case on the dual destinies game called Turnabout Reclaimed which is said to be pheonix's first case after being reinstated as a lawyer. It takes place on July 21


I didn't state the year- this is supposed to be a year after that. Hence pushing on 9 years.

I like it so far and it's good to see a sequel to this. Two things that I have to ask though.

1: Why kill Luna? Why not another OC like Ace Swift? I feel this could really upset fans of Princess Luna. Now I am a fan of her and am rather uncomfortable about this sudden change. All I can hope for is that somehow Luna does come back to life in the end.

2: Will Trixie's past finally be explained? In the courtroom of Turnabout Storm, she had a massive breakdown and we saw images of her as a foal being teased in Canterlot. I think Twilight is the prime reason Trixie is the way she is and I would love to see resolution on that part.

Good concept, but my only problem has to be that Luna is dead, at least I hope she isn't.

The cards are stacked well, the chips are in place and the table is fine. Lets see what you have in your hand

Well, I'm hype.

Just the way this is setting up, this story going to be very interesting.

You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

Will this contain dual destiny spoilers? If so, I'm out! :I

And so...it begins again :rainbowderp:

Haven't played Dual Destinies yet, so i don't know any new Characters .
Not sure if having Phoenix, Apollo, Trixie and that other Girl all in Equestria might overload this story a bit .

I like the premise, Celestia being the suspect for killing Luna, it's pretty cool .

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