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An Island, Two Mares and a Bottle of Rum got printed! · 4:33pm Oct 17th, 2015

An Island, Two Mares and a Bottle of Rum got translated into Russian and printed in a collection of Vinyl and Octavia stories. Huge thanks to the Ministry of Image (google "Издательство Министерства Стиля") for printing that wonderful hardcover book.

Special thanks to lezvion.

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"That one fic?":rainbowhuh:

I would picture them much like Kare Valgon draws them, with Octavia having tan skin and Vinyl being white; Octavia's hair is raven-black, whereas Vinyl's is most likely light-brown, cause in my headcanon she is a natural brunette; they are both pretty fin, Octavia because of her dietary habits, Vinyl because of very good metabolism; Vinyl is also pretty athletic due to excercise. I usually switch between who is taller because I can't make up my mind.

I know this doesn't help... but maybe it helps just a little :D

I'd like your opinion on something as a writer who has penned some great stories about humanized vinyl and octavia:

if they were humanized in a more realistic way (not the huge-eyed, crazy-colored, everyone-has-the-same-generically-thin-body-type way that Equestria Girls did it), how would you describe those two musicians' human form?

Like, what would vinyl's natural hair color be, given that she probably dyed it neon blue? What about skin color? Which of them is taller, how athletic are they, how curvy is octavia, or is she thin and flat?

  • Viewing 565 - 569 of 569
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