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Fanfic plans · 2:05pm Mar 19th, 2015

I plan to write a Fallout Equestria fanfic as soon as I am back on top of my college work.

Also, this summer I plan to to turn an rp(with permission from its creator) into a fanfic.

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137874 I couldn't find a good male Avatar so I said ehh this is pretty much what I want lol.

137858 whoaa!!!! Nice avatar.

136584 Thank you for your enthusiasm we are currently working on it! ^ ^


I'm writing that one now, I'm fixing mistakes for it before I submit it again. If you wanna see it sooner you could be a pre- reader and help me fix it again. I've have three really important werewolf characters that are going to be in it, and I might throw in some minor werewolfs in it too. Though it will only be revealed later who all of them are.

For one its a handicap, for another a secret weapon, and the last, well you can figure out what she thinks of it yourself

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