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The Guy who wrote "Dibs on My Sister". Editor for Clopficsinthecomments and Prereader for Firesight. I love Bat Ponies. Eeee!

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Comment posted by toddhoward314 deleted March 10th

Before I respond, that's not my downvote on your comment. I experienced some fairly heavy backlash for my success with Dibs on My Sister yesterday and started getting punitive downvotes. One of the bitter losers downvoted a ton of comments on this page including yours.

To answer your question, I'm not taking commissions. To do so would mean spending my time writing stuff I'm not really a fan of. I make enough money to live from my full-time job and am happy just having fanfiction as a hobby. I would recommend seeking out cloppers with huge follower counts that have posted Patreon addresses on their account pages and request stories from them. Most have detailed lists of what they are and are not willing to write and what their rate per 1k words is. They will charge you real money and not story swaps so be ready for that. Good luck!

Would you possibly take a clopfic request?

yeah 100000000% true

Roseluck is a sexy. sexy mare and you can't deny it.

not being mean but you got me into rozeluck lol and yes I'm glad about it

facesitting? Nah, I'll pass on that. Sorry! :pinkiesad2:

Will it's a facesitting story idea if you want to still hear it

  • Viewing 26 - 35 of 35
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Dashing off a Quick Blog just to say thank you... · 8:33pm March 24th

... For leaving consistently good quality comments on my stories, and especially Dibs on My Sister. Not a whole lot of clopfiction writers get quality feedback and it's because of people like you that my comments sections are consistently awesome. Everyone thumbs up good comments. Everyone thumbs down the few garbage ones and the criticism I do receive is nearly always constructive and wholly justified.

From the bottom of my heart... thank you.

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