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Writing music · 1:36am 19 hours ago

Somone asked me if I listened to music when I wrote, and well yes. I do. I tossed everything into a youtube playlist for them to check out and well, I figured why not share it with everyone? Here you go.


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The Equisverse: Begin anywhere!

Many people are under the impression that I am writing a series, and that all of my stories are sequels of one another. This isn't the case.

I write an "Evolving Universe". A set of stories which are not strictly sequels, but are set in the same fictional universe and take place within the same time piriod. Each story (exception to labeled sequels) is a stand alone tale which may be referenced in later works as a part of a character's history, but is otherwise a self contained story of it's own.

The idea is you can pick up any story you like and just read it, or read everything if you so choose. If you like a story or idea within a story, you can just read more stories staring the characters you liked, or if an event mentioned intrigues you, there may be a whole story about it. The idea is to tell stories which mutually create a living breathing world, yet still stand on their own.

Are there overarching plot lines? Yes. Does the mean you have to have read everything prior to a story to enjoy it? No, UNLESS it's an 'event comic' which ends an overarching plot line. Normally the over arching plot elements are presented as simple facts of the universe, and chance events. When looked at as a group, they tell a bigger story. That is all.

You may recognize this format if you read comic books, or are familiar with how comic book universes work.

You can find a Summery of Act 1 if you want to skip reading the backlog, or even just a particular story. All critical information is found within.

Featured Stories

  • The Queen is Dead In the wake of her home’s death a young changeling seeks refuge in the fabled land of Equestria. (Dark and Gore tags for combat descriptions.) by Meep the Changeling 170,665 words · 2,464 views · 369 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Lifegiver Azur Lily, a young biomancy prodigy from Germaney, seeks to start a new life in Equestria. by Meep the Changeling 140,321 words · 1,621 views · 224 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Dinner at Ravenloft Vinyl's father invites her and her friends to the family for a weekend visit. Unfortunately for Vinyl, there is something she neglected to tell her friends about her family... by Meep the Changeling 19,375 words · 1,347 views · 166 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Lyra-7% A technoarcane device sends a human version Lyra on a journey through the Equestrian Multiverse. by Meep the Changeling 239,013 words · 1,667 views · 196 likes · 19 dislikes

Special Thanks

My utmost gratitude to the following people, whose kindness allowed these stories to continue:

NekroPony, djthomp, QueenChrysalisForever, Pretty Feathers, Heroman3003, FreefallingVoid, Cyphos,

Damaged, Frantic Starz, Brian Murphy, and Privetkillzs.

If you'd rather I used your screen name, or your real name, please PM me and I will change it. If you want to be annon, I will remove your name.

AU resources

Want to know more about my AU's specifics? Here's the commonly asked for refrence information.

Basic AU Overview
World Map
Equestrian Calander

Reading Order

My stories all exist within a shared universe. That said, most of them are self contained stories, and you can pick up from anywhere you like. However, if you want to read them in order... It gets complicated.

We start with the stories in the Alpha Timeline, which is destroyed via a timeloop (A retconn/reboot IRL), creating the Beta Timeline. This means you can read Alpha or Beta as their own 'things'. The Cannon is Beta, Alpha is non-canon is only here so those who enjoyed it can reread them if desired. It will not be continued, though some elements may be reused in the future.

Horseshoes → The Bridesmaids → The Luna Problem → The Almost Right Stuff → Dinner at Ravenloft → Across the Sea of Time & Sequels → Beta Timeline

Horseshoes → The Bridesmaids → Dinner at Ravenloft → The Queen is Dead → Lifegiver → Lyra 7% → Nightmare → Exile's Journey → Cataclysm → Catalyst

Alpha Timeline

Beta Timeline

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That's really sweet. What a lovely reason to like MLP.
I really just like the positive society and good character development, a clever enough set of writers that the plot over all doesn't become too hackneyed.

2467840 Frankly, I have seen some Harrpy potter Fanfics that I felt were better than the canon story. You can realy tell that the series was JK's first story, and she gets a lot better towards the end, and I personally found Fantastic Beasts to be realy good. But that said, the orgional series suffers a lot for me. It did even when it was new 20 years ago. (Yes. 20 years ago.) But hey, at the time I loved the Inheratance Cycle, so well, that's my tastes of the early to late 00s XD

I think pony stories are of a slightly heiger quality on adverage because of the people the show appeels to. It's a show about embracing yourself and your talents and seeking out diverse people to be friends with. It's a theme that naturally appeals to creative types and it's a unique setting with no standard fantasy races. That's what I like about it. To be honest I'm not that big a fan of the show. I just adore the intresting as heck setting a LOT and then they threw in shapechanging bug people and I was like O.O :D AWESOME!

Then I learned they eat love to survive and since I also need love to have the will to continue living, and have always liked bugs, and would litteraly take any curse like concequence out there if it meant I could shapeshift at will, I found the fantasy species that I basically am. SO I write pony fics.

Hey fair enough! Everybody has different tastes of course.

A good bit of that story is Harry trying to find out that universes rules and limits to magic...but yeah it's still harry potter world even if the character is different. So it's filled with nonsense. But it's done as sort of a parody. I would say the story is more making fun of harry potter then anything. But done in a way that you can tell the writer actually really enjoyed the books also.

It's hard for me to explain but I felt the approach the story takes to logic and reason seemed like something that would appeal to you

Harry Potter fan-fiction mostly is just....bad. I'm not the largest Harry Potter fan ever but I out of boredom checked out quite a few of the highest rated Harry Potter stories on fanfiction.net...and they were almost all AWFUL. like really really bad. It's honestly quite shocking to me how much better pony stories tend to be then any other type of fan-fiction I've even tried! I read tons of pony fics all the time and many of them are quite good or even outright amazing, but even with an open mind about Harry Potter after checking out quite a large amount of them there were only two that I liked to any degree. the other being one about a D&D wizard being transported to Hogwarts but still with his powers working just the way they used too. besides that though I could barely stand any of the other ones...I wonder why pony stories are of such higher quality.

2467821I have not, but my friend Kialy has. SHe agrees that it's good. I howeafer argue that it's Harry Potter, a setting which never interested me since magic isn't given any restrictions and thus there's no reason Harry doesn't just learn Ploti Resolvious in book one and save the day :P

Or in more kind terms, I need magic to have clear rules and limits to be interested in a fantasy story.

Hey Meep! since you're a fan of all things science I was wondering if you've ever read the Harry Potter fan-fic "Harry Potter and the methods of rationality". If you haven't and you have even a small passing interest in Harry Potter I very highly recommend it. I have a feeling it's right up your alley.

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