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Meep the Changeling

Channeling insanity into entertaining tales since 2015-01-19.

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Email: meep@derpymail.org

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Stardrop's Lackluster Ending · 12:19am April 29th

Hello everyone. I know I've been away for a while, but that's due to me deciding to finish stories before I post them to revise, edit, and alter them to give you all better stories to read. I don't feel free to do so when I post stories live. This results in me getting frustrated with how a story is shaping up and then dropping it. That wasn't a problem when I was younger, but it's become one as I've aged. Fortunately, the solution is simple, as I mentioned earlier.

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My Orgional Fiction

Want to read something by me that isn't pony related? Want some simple writing assistance programs that are free? Looking for tips on writing? Check out my website:

Special Thanks

My utmost gratitude to the following people, whose kindness allowed these stories to continue:

NekroPony, djthomp, QueenChrysalisForever, Pretty Feathers, Heroman3003, FreefallingVoid, Cyphos,

Damaged, Frantic Starz, Brian Murphy, and Privetkillzs.

If you'd rather I used your screen name, or your real name, please PM me and I will change it. If you want to be annon, I will remove your name.

The Equisverse

I am currently writing stories within an ongoing setting. It is broken up into Eras. Each Era is a loosely connected overarching story, similar to a series ark in Doctor Who. You do not need to read each story within an Era, you can just read one or two. You don't have to read about previous Eras as they simply become history for the current Era.

The first era was stitched together with a few of my previous stories, and has some holes. Not all of my stories are a part of this project. Only the stories listed below are involved.

1. The Era of Harmony:
[Era Begins] HorseshoesThe BridesmaidsDinner at RavenloftThe Queen is DeadLifegiverLyra 7%Exile's Journey → [Era Finale begins] → CataclysmCatalystOn the Era of Harmony [Era End]

2. The Arcane Era:
[Era Begins] Bat's AcademyVoidwalkersEnd Game

AU resources

The Era of Harmony

The Arcane Era

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He looks friendly.

Nice to meet you too, Meep. I like your profile picture

My name is Wrex, my changeling companion.

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