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Sooo... you're following me cuz you like my avatar? Okie then.. :applejackconfused:



Time to go.. · 6:05pm Mar 1st, 2016

Hey everyone. So if y'all didn't know, I'm leaving. You can go back to see my previous blogs to get more info about why I'm doing this.

Its already the end of the month and that is when I said I'll be gone. I dunno for how long, I dunno when.

For those I'm making art for.
I AM going to make them. So dont worry about this. Once I've made the drawings I'll come back ONLY to give them to you.

Then I'll be gone. Again I'm sorry I'm doing this, but I need the break.

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About Me

Well since I didn't want to do 50 questions, for a few reasons..
I guess I'll just answer a few of my own, that way you guys can know a little bit more about me.

#1) What's your name?
Michelle, Cat, Kc, or Crystal.

#2) How old are you?
..... Well... All i can say is im older than 15.

#3) Where do you live?

#4) What do you look like?
Sorry, no pic from me!
But i can describe myself a little.. Im 5.8" tall. I have curly/wavy light brown hair. Big brown eyes. And beighish colored skin (Im Mexican American).

#5) Do you consider yourself attractive?
No. I have been told i am. But i dont really think so.

#6) Relationship status?
Umm... Yep! XP
Virgin? UH DUH! Yes!

#7) What do you like to do?
Drawing, make art, singing, dancing, acting, voice acting, role-playing, play videogames, watch game lp's, listening to music, swimming, play volley ball, play paintball, cook and SO Much Moooore!

#8) What games do you play?
Minecraft, Roblox, Gmod, Pac man, Disney, Nintendo, and racing.

#9) What game console(s) do you own?
Ps3, Joystick, Nintendo DS XL, and my smartphone.

#10) Favorite Movie(s) and Genres.
The Hunger Games, X-Men, and a few more i just can't remember at the moment..
Genre: Action, Suspense, Adventure, Animation, and Comedy.

#11) Favorite song(s) and Music Genres.
Well.. I have A LOT of songs that i like. So I'll make a separate box for that.
Genres: Pop, Hip hop, Smooth Jazz, soft rock, classic, EDM, Electro, House, Progressive House, Dub and Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Future Bass, Trance, Bachata, a few Cumbia, and Latin. (Yes i know that's a lot)

#12) Any pets?
Oh.. I don't know... Just a few. How does 12 FRICKING CATS SOUND?!?! (Indeed i do have that many.)

#13) Favorite animal.
Well i think you all already know.

#14) Dream Pet.
Again has to be a Cat.. White Tiger.

#15) Current job?
Don't have one.

#16) What would you like you work in and/or as?
Being a YouTuber. That way i can show the world what i like to do, and entertain them with my silliness.

#17) Favorite food.
Chinese, Asian, Japanese, and Italian.

#18) Favorite sports.
Ehh... im not really into sports. Like i said, i play Volley Ball, and swim. But thats it.
But.... Is playing paintball a sport?

#19) Favorite color(s).
Blue, Black, White, and Silver.

#20) Dream Car.
Charcoal Grey Convertible 2013 Chevy Camaro

A Black convertible 2013 Nissan 370z


#21) Any weapons you own?
Well, I own a bow and arrow.
And we have A Lot of machetes.
I also want to buy a BIG paintball gun.

#22) What's the craziest thing you have done?
Probably walk through a river in October for three hours, with my uncle, aunt, and cousin.
Oh yea. Ive done that four times. And almost got attacked by wild boars!

#23) What is the scariest thing that has happened to you?
Oof! That happens to me a lot! But, i guess one thing would be, my aunt was driving at 1 a.m. and a bird came out of No WHERE! And it hit the window... and.. *SPLAT!* IT WAS AWFUL! (But it wasn't my aunt's fault)

#24) Any embarrassing secrets?
Uhhhh... Well.. One time i was at a restaurant, and i REALLY had to go to the bathroom, and when i was running, I ran into a guy and made us fall. Causing his food to fall over him.

#25) What is the best thing you have ever done?
Well i dont really do anything special. But something ive done that i liked.. I guess creating my own recipes for cooking. I make some MEAN hot wings!

MLP Stuff

Favorite Pony.

Favorite main 6.
PinkiePie or Rainbow Dash.

Favorite background pony.

Favorite shipping(s).
Soarindash, Derpter (DoctorxDerpy), and Rumbleloo.

Favorite mlp espisode(s).
Rainbow Falls and Pinkie Pride.

Favorite Fim story(ies).
Loyalty, and Piercings the Heavens.

Favorite author.
Calm Wind of course!

Favorite artist.
Mad Munchkin

Well. I guess that's most of it! Thanks for reading! Cyas!

My Lovely Oc (Crystal Melody)

Banner made by the Amazing and Talented dashybrony2012!!! (Thank you so much!! ^-^)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::trollestia::yay:

2143266 well, anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing your new art:scootangel:

2142053 hmm? Oh umm.. I dont think you understood. :twilightsheepish: The first five in the list were the winners.

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Well.. I never would have guessed!! Just kidding. I KNEW IT! ^-^

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