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Hello everyone! I just joined your group and thought it would be polite to say hi. I hope you are having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Could some of you perhaps help me with a question? See, I used to be a bit of a loner when it comes to writing and only recently decided to find out what the groups on FIMFiction have to offer. So… what usually happens in a group like this? I understand you can add stories to folders that correspond with the kind of story you have made. Can I do that right now or must I ask for permission? Should I announce my stories as well? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this group? I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance! :twilightsmile:

Lots of love, :heart:


Hello to all of you! I've been working on my fic Prism Star and the Nightmare Winter for a few months, and now that it's getting close to the halfway point, I decided to add it to this group (among others). I hope you ponies will give it a read and enjoy it.

Thank you for including The Longhaul Chronicles in your group. Please, feel free to give it a read, and hopefully it won't be too painful to get through.

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Hi, I'm new to FiMfic and while incredibly new to fanfic writing (or fiction writing in general) I was instructed to look up groups with particular interests online and share stories and talk specific ideas. There's a large entry, serialized pair of works that tie into eachother I'm planning set in Equestria's distant past. Just after the sudden disappearance of Star Swirl and the Pillars, but a few years before Discord.

The primary framing idea of the world is that Equestria is largely unknown, and that Equestrian Nights is set a scant few decades after the first Hearth's Warming Eve, and in the companion series Ponies on the Move, a mere 13 years that features the background story of Carrara Marble, the lead protag of Equestrian Nights.

So I was wondering if people might check out it out and give me some pointers, or perhaps some ideas where they would like to see the narrative go.


Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you if you had any insights to help a newbie adventure writer.

i finally got this posted give it a read and see what you think


Hello everypony I'm pretty new to fimfiction but i'll post my story pretty soon hope y'all consider to read it :applejackunsure:

Hey guys, new here and just added Brutal Black. If I'm not doing this right let m know.

I just posted my story, The Silverfox Chronicles, here. It is AU in the future, told by 'episodes'. I would like if someone gave it a try.

Hi all, new member here. Just added my story "The Forgotten Exile" to the group, and I'd appreciate it if you took the time to give it a read.

Hello, I'm a new member. Nice to meet all of you! :derpytongue2:

Hello! Here is my story, Journey through Equestria!
Hope y'all enjoy it! It's a road trip story, OC only.

Hey everyone. I posted my first story on fimfiction here if anyone's interested. There's also romance, clop-like material, and it's anthro. The dark and gory parts haven't been posted yet, but it will come at a later chapter. Hope you guys can take a look, and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

Could some of you check out my series, The Poncho Chronicles?

Hey all! I've started a story which has the choose-your-own-adventure element to it. I'd really like some feedback on if you think it could be improved, but also which direction you would like to see the story progress in!
Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated

Hey wanted to let you know I'm putting up a story with a dragon OC the story is Felix Caedus if you want to check it out:pinkiehappy:

hey guys i just started illustrating my story "shadow of the heart" which you can read the full 4 chapter story on this site.


Im only finished illustrating chapter one but it is worth a see to see what i have done so far


Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character. It's not a pure OC adventure but the OC have a heavy influence on the story and there are some nice action scenes
Hope you enjoy.

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