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A brown Unicorn mare frantically rushes up to you, holding up a quill and parchment, with a black Pegasus stallion holding up a camera facing her. "Excuse me! Yes, you! My name is Quick Quills, and I--"

"Quills, slow down!" the stallion says, landing softly next to you. "My apologies. Maybe it'd be better to get Sketches over here. My name is Midnight Take, and this, as you know, is Quick Quills. Sure, you've probably never heard of us, but that's because we're OCs. You surely look like an OC as well! Perhaps..." he looked over to the Unicorn, who nodded in reply. "Follow us."

The twosome lead you to a comfortable-sized house - not a mansion, but not a hut either. "This is the My Little OC Club! Or MLOCC for short. You see, our goal is to make OCs like you and me known and appreciated. You can join, if you want."

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