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Howdy, I'm Ratt and I love to write stories! The majority of my stories I don't show anyone because I'm afraid they'll steal my ideas and get them published before me so I decided to make a fanfic!


I suck at deadlines (Ch6 update) · 11:29pm Dec 5th, 2021

I totally meant to have it done before the end of the week but yesterday came and went and that was a failure. I feel like all I've been doing lately is working and sleeping. I just now finished all the edits though. The last thing I've been delaying on is the description of Twilight's second downstairs room. I don't want to have to go through all the episodes just to see it, I wish I could find a layout of it somewhere online but I've not been successful.

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Here is a list of links that are related to the Equestria Broken story!

Equestria Broken Roleplay Forum - A forum to roleplay in the world of the story! As of 03.16.2015 it is still under construction but I will announce when it is officially open!

My DeviantArt - a link to art related to Equestria Broken (Drawn by me)

There will eventually be a link to a tumblr blog and I will do a story blog with Clout on there but for now that is on hold.

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Thanks for adding FoE: Borderlands to your favorites list

Thanks for joining my group, I hope you will like it

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