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This is the group where you can post stories about the OCs you were dying to share

This group was originally made by Page_Turner, but as I am busy with other projects, I am stepping down and allowing Dusk and Moonblast to be official admin for this group.
Contributors at the moment are: Alien Vth & A Mildly Spooky Lemon

I am now looking for- two(+) contributors
For requirements and how to become a staff member, check out this post. ^^

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Joined the site recently, have a few OC stories. Please read if interested.

Princess Essenta is the story of a princess in ancient Equestria. Her father, a king, sends her on a fool's errand, which she decides to see through. Along the way, she meets a few interesting and dangerous friends.

Larkspur Blossom tells of an Earth pony colt raising his younger sisters. He grows up, learning he's worth something, once he gets a taste of "normal" life.

The Virgin Company is a shorter story I'm working on. It's about a Pegasus lieutenant and the platoon he winds up commanding. When centaurs invade, he and his platoon wind up defending the road to Canterlot.

Talzotl Ricktaki is a story about a unicorn who kidnaps the Mane 6 in order to get the thirty million bits reward from a mysterious crime Lord.

Flight tells the story of the pegasus rebellion against an oppressive batpony regime that taught them they couldn't fly. It's an allegory with many sub-surface themes, like true empathy and how to combat depression. I hope you enjoy reading it! :pinkiehappy:

Would using a parody of the Displaced formula to turn a pony into a super hero pony count as an OC story? I doubt Saddle Ranger with the mind of Bulk could be original, but I need a second opinion.

335919 Are contributors the Only people who can start discussions?

I would love to help.

Read the site description :twilightsmile:

willing to be a contributor, whatever that is. :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::scootangel:

363821 All you have to do is set up the sticky forums for whatever type of OC, really. I manage my own group and it isn't really too hard to do.

Sadly, that isn't set up yet- however, I will try to get a gallery for that started up. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Ah! Another group dedicated to OCs! Fantastic. Somepony mind showing me where I can show off some of them?

Whoa, hello! What did I stumbled into today!?:derpyderp2:

I'd be willing to be either an admin or contributor. I run a group that has around 100 members, and am also an admin for two others. I'm happy to be a part of this group, and will do whatever I can to see it grow.

Hi everyone i am Krissyj i love to make videos and write storys! hope you get to check out my page bye!!!

Comment posted by RachWrites deleted Dec 15th, 2013

No, sorry if I wasn't very clear! Contributors post threads and start discussions. They, can however, also post stories. Hope this helps :pinkiehappy:

317227 Hey Page i am SOOO Happy to be in this group!!!!

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