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I wouldn't have believed anyone that told me a decade ago I'd love pony well into my 20's.


In ancient times, long before the land came to be known as Equestria, there was a kingdom known as the Dale. The only land still ruled by Earth ponies, its first daughter, Princess Essenta, wishes for more than the dull life she was born into.

Sent on a fool's errand by her father, the king, she strives to not only succeed in it, but turn the world upside down as she goes along. With a growing company of dynamic- and dangerous- mares, she is well on her way to success with this.

Check out the Appendix for Princess Essenta, updated as the story moves along. It shows the story's timeline and character designs. Contains spoilers.

Irregular release until semester is over.

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I have an answer for at least some of them. Princess Essenta's mother's voice would resemble Kira Vincent-Davis's, the voice actress. If you've sat through some of the dubbed anime ADV Films put out from 2000 to 2007, you've heard her voice. There is also quite a bit she isn't credited with, or she used pseudonyms in credits. She also has done work with Funimation and Sentai Filmworks since ADV Films went belly-up, but I am not as familiar with it.

Also, Vincent-Davis often was used to imitate the Osakan accent. Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh is easily one of her more famous characters voiced. The queen has no such accent. Also, it isn't her gruff or whiny voice sometimes affected. I shouldn't use a cop-out, but if you're not familiar with her voice, there are several interviews you can find on YouTube of varying quality.

Essenta herself, would be voiced by Cynthia Cranz, a longtime Funimation voice actress. Much easier to explain. Look for any of her work not involving Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho, and you'll have some idea.

Essenta's sister, Calleha, was originally a much younger character, so I haven't pegged anything on her.

Those are the only three I've ever thought much about. As Essenta begins her "Fool's Errand", she will pick up more friends along the way. If you're curious about them when they show up, just ask.

Oh man, I hope Essenta's okay!! I really did like Prince Fulco,, i hope he appears again later lol

Eagerly awaiting your next chapter!

Thanks. Of my stories I'm working on, this one is consistently my favorite throughout its timeline. Larkspur Blossom and its sequels are labors of love, but Princess Essenta is just fun to write. I think you'll enjoy what comes next.

There a reason why you responded to my comment without moving your mouse over to the right-hand corner of the comment you want to reply to then clicking on the >> that appears?

Not sure what you're asking. I hit the >> button to reply to a comment and the comment appears in the comment section for the story. I assumed it would register as a reply to you. There are still things I don't understand about this website, though.

Oh. I see what I did. Sorry. It wouldn't have registered as a reply the way I did it. I will watch out in the future for that.

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Who would of thought that I would be watching a show like this great times from this fandom

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Interesting first chapter. I'm eager to see where this goes.

That was my favorite scene as of now.
I just like seeing the broken ones go all german bbq...

And don't worry much about the mindwalking, it still was an ok chapter. Felt a bit rushed, but nothing you could do about that without boring most people to death I guess. :twilightsmile:

Now as usual, have a great time, get your Baumkuchen and tea, coffee, Grog and maybe a chocolate cake.

I'm not fond of the "love at first sight" thing, but I can see why these two connected, and how he was able to get her to open up despite whom he was, and what the reason for the meeting was. Good chapter, and it continues to build on this world you have set. I am intrigued to read more. Hoping, by the time I reach the end of what you've written, you've got a good amount of comments on your story. As I know I personally enjoy every comment I get on my own stories.

Good solid chapter, giving Essenta doubts about her purpose in the whole thing. Well done. Onto the next chapter. XD.

Hoping to learn more of Essenta and her fellow allies. Go out and prove how wrong your father is about you. Good story, it's certainly different.

Glad it's been enjoyable. They'll get up to all kinds of craziness.

I didn't think you would gift us another release today. Thank you again for the hard work and this here chapter!

But I guess one Baumkuchen and cake is enough right? Well, just have more tea, coffee, beer, Grog, mead or rum.

Good decision to give Zyra a chapter of her own.

I meant to release yesterday. Didn't happen.

Ok, that was admittedly a fire, dark and bloody chapter. I liked it quite much.

Thank you for the hard work and the new chapter.
Good luck with the tractor, may it still work.

Now get your usual piece of Baumkuchen, vanilla-caramel cake, tea, coffee, beer, Grog and rum.

Thanks. I gave Zyra her own chapter for a reason. The blood and fire will let up for a while. The girls are onto better things.

Huh, that last part made me a bit curious... Hope that htat meeting will end peacful...ish.
If the fellowship of Sen finds out that Noach gave them away, it will bring some words for him when they return eh?

Thank you for the new chapter and your hard work.

As allways have a Baumkuchen, some chocolate cake, tea, coffee and a cold beer.

Noach did not give them away. It is nothing that will cause any problems for the girls. But it will spell a little Hell for some others.

Well if it comes out that he told an old friend about where they are headed, they could think that way... maybe. After all Den is kind of paranoid sometimes.

Okay, let's give this a look...


1945 words before you get any dialogue from any character...

Hoo, boy.

I've truly never understood the aversion to a little exposition. It's childish. I read Kafka and Heinlein. Look up Kafka's The Hunger Artist. It's my favorite short story.

It's not worthless drivel. And I doubt any elementary school kids are reading this stuff. We're writing this stuff for teenagers and adults. Anyway, I wrote the way I wanted to. It seemed the best way to open up an ancient adventure story with tons of world building. Plus, there's 88K words and counting after it.

The aversion comes from how we don't get to see who the characters are or what they're saying and doing that's of any interest or learn why we should care about them until after we've waded through a crapton of lore. You've got your focus on stuff that the reader really doesn't care about yet, nor given them a reason to care because we ultimately read stories to see the exploits of other people.

There's an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show where a new cameraman fresh out of school is sent out to shoot a live report from a fire. As the reporter's talking, he turns the camera away from both him and the burning building to focus on some ants crawling on a brick nearby. "I wanted to show the audience that life goes on amidst tragedy" he later explains to the news editor. The editor proceeds to ream him for not realizing that his job was to show the audience the event that's being reported, because that's why they're watching in the first place.

All that lore is fine, but a story should begin with a character doing something. Preferably something interesting or funny or dramatic, so that we know how to feel about them. The lore should be presented within the context of illuminating why all that history is important in order to understand the protagonist's story. As this stands, most of the chapter reads like an appendix, not a main text.

I'll stand by my style. It's served me well enough.


As you wish. I'm just giving you my reaction to it.

Took me a while to read the new chapters, but they were worth it!
Hmm so now the girls now how it feels to be near a demon..kind of.
And we learned drunks are brave.. ok more stupid... And Sen really needs to never touch those kind of noms again. maybe the girls can get her hooked on water?

I'm sure the girls will try to keep the princess away from booze indefinitely. Their next adventure will bring some temptation, but they'll manage to keep her clear of if.

Those girls have dirty mouths! :derpytongue2:

what did you do you got like 10 down votes in 1 day? :pinkiegasp:

I put an appendix in as a chapter. It wasn't appreciated, so I moved it to a blog.

Well, this is going to be interesting now.
But our little Prinzess just violate one of the most important rules: NEVER get invlolved in a turf war when it’s not your home... Good thing everyone breaks that one most of the times.

Now I want to know how our little mazan reacts. Plus I’m allmost surprised Essenta actually managed to keep sober this time.(but I have a feeling that won’t last for that long after all this here in the city is over.)

Good work with this chapter. Thank you for the hard work!

Now, how about a Baumkuchen and some ice? A bit rum and beer for the evening? and a nice cool breeze for work!

The girls will find themselves in quite a situation.

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