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I wouldn't have believed anyone that told me a decade ago I'd love pony well into my 20's.


Larkspur Blossom is an Earth pony colt. Having lost his mother, with his father distant, burying himself in work and other distractions, he takes care of his younger sisters, a Pegasus and a unicorn. Upon losing their father, they are shuffled around among family in Equestria. In Vanhoover he meets his best friend. A story of gain and loss, and growing up.

Sequel coming once The Virgin Company ends.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 37 )

If Larkspur Blossom was voiced, what would he sound like?

I have to tell you, I haven't been able to make up my mind about that. When I read his lines and thoughts, about all that comes to mind is a calm baritone voice. One that's almost bored, but not monotonous. But a specific, familiar character with which to compare his voice? I'm unable to come up with one.

After some consideration, I decided a "Teen" rating was appropriate for Larkspur Blossom, rather than a "Mature" rating. I made this change after 7 chapters and considering where this story will end and another will begin. The sequels will probably merit "Mature" ratings.

I tried to make sure nothing in the current chapters merited a "Mature" rating, as well as the material I'm currently working on. If anyone sees anything the "Profanity" tag doesn't reasonably cover, let me know. The input is appreciated. I just want to follow the site rules.


Ok I finally caught up with this story. Really nice work you did. Oh and gelatin isn't the only thing you can use... But then again, they do eat eggs. No making real cake and stuff without. At least if it is supposed to taste good.

Now I just have to catch up with the only remaining one.

It is a bit strange that there are so few comments on this story.

I expect the stories to get more views and attention once they get higher in the word counts. Company will last at least a few months, but the other two will be quite a bit longer.

Well I just find it strange that people up or even downvote storys without even a word of why they liked, disliked it.
I mean, if a story gets allmost daily updates, it would make sense not commenting every single time. But with a story that updates slower? One has enough time to of a little something right?

Ok sometimes I just read a story and think it was a good read but don't bother to write it, because there enough comments already stating that in better words. Then I mostly just upvote the Story, as well as one of those comments and go to the next story..

I am not concerned. All it takes is enough time.

Are you taking this off break soon?

You were not kidding when you said you only do OC characters

You really seem to have a thing for tragic teen moms. What do you have planned for Princess?

Smack-a-dabba-doo! And down he went.

I conclude you are a sadist. You really love knocking around your characters. :unsuresweetie:

I assure you that the princess and her friends won't get knocked up anytime soon.

Not looking hurt, she took a seat, digging into her lunch she smuggled in, “Thought I’d check up on our little unicorn slayer. Just see if you’re still alive and lickin’.”


Lickin'? Not kicking?

Unable to stop laughing, she sputtered, “That you got sent to mine for coal in a prison camp, somewhere… That you kicked the principal in the balls… Oh, oh! My favorite is you got expelled, your family kicked you out, and you were living under a bridge in the North Vanhoover Park, with some stallion with no legs. Just stupid, considering you’re right here.”

And a Heavyweights reference, I see?

Misty, starting to shovel in her cake, just said, “Cat’s out of the bag, Lark. She knows you know and you know she knows. Go take a walk together. We’ll catch up later.”

I love Misty's "ham-hoofed" approach to this.

For the very first time, the first time in his entire life, somepony asked him, straight up, “Why do you always put yourself down? Do you really think so little of yourself?”

Pretty heavy for 11 year olds.

It was a mistake but I thought it was funny and left it in.

Heavyweights is a movie every kid needs to see.

Will say it again you really love to put your characters through hell.

I have a "Drama" tag attached; case closed.

A whole semester in two chapters? It kind of fell off but I do not know what else you might do with 5th graders. Looking forward to middle and hight school stuff if you get to it.

I did like the kids party that was fun.

Years of grief poured out of him. His aunt and uncle, crying a little themselves, joined together in an embrace, with their nephew in the middle. They embraced him as a son, as the new year came in.

Nice. This works.

The next story is in the editing process. But I may just let it be until The Virgin Company is done with, which should be in the next couple/three months.

Juggling three stories is too much.

Wish you had done more with the second term but I liked it. It made the long drive to Chicago bearable. I thought this story was on a long hiatus so I never bothered starting it.


Glad you enjoyed it. I know I should've done more with the story but had done everything I wanted to as far as them being 5th graders went. The sequel will find them more than a year later, with Lark turning 13.

Cartman and the kidney... Classic.

Is your profile pic Thunder Rider? You should have called her Lemon Meringue. I love her “burnt” tips!

I think there's already a pony called that. But maybe there's one called Thunder Rider too.

Thanks. Glad to hear it. I tried to write something pleasant enough... not too much end-of-the-world existentialist crap here.

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