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    So... whats going on with me?

    I'm linking this to L&T because you all are the ones who are probably wondering this the most.

    To put it simply, over the past year or so, despite having stories on here that I want to do or genres I want to try, fanfiction writing has gotten to the point where I'm not enjoying it anymore. It has nothing to do with you all and no one on this site is to blame, but more so just growth of where I am as a writer.

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Can you post art of the Fodlan Sisters? From the Lysithea and Twilight story?

She's Lysithea, the walking nuke from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Who is the girl in your avatar, and where is she from?

Thanks for adding Pokémon Red and Purple to your tracking!

Got your PM. Gonna take a couple days to handle your thing, but it'll be done.

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