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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Misty Streets of Equestria

Daring Do and Phillip Finder have faced many foes since they partnered up. They have defeated the blackmailer Silvertongue, the pirate Whitestone, the femme fatale Scarlet Letter, and the monstrous Zugzwang.

But now another foe comes to haunt Ponyville. Many thought that the Plague Doctor was nothing more than a myth born of the horrors of the Crystal War. Others know better, fearing the name of Sombra's most dangerous assassin.

And now he's in Ponyville.

While they are stalked by the assassin, Daring Do and Phillip Finder must also unravel the thefts of magical artifacts masterminded by the archeologist-turned-mercenary Doctor Caballeron. And worse, enemies from their past return to torment them and their friends. Who is guiding them? What is their goal?

And what ancient evil is waiting in the Everfree Forest?

Updates every Saturday. Proofread by Eagle—Paladin of Shadows

The fourth story of the Noireverse.

Sex and Gore tags for suggestive content and graphic descriptions.

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Oh hell yeah! And so it begins! I cannot wait for the chapters to come.

And here we go again.
I cannot remember our ascot-wearing friend, but they seem interesting, both the Doctor and the ascot wearer.
Mi memoria is faded on the old ones, but I know if I just get a place to start, I'll find it.
Can't wait to see our detectives.

Oh, I can hear Caballeron talking as I read this. And man, you actually gave ol' Ahuizotl a sense of dread. Can't wait to see how the more Daring Do side of things comes into play.

Scorchero and the Legend of the Twelve Rings. Also woot, Silhouette Gloom.

Not really much to say except things are getting going again. I recall Trottingham being way up in the north-eastern side of Equestria a good ways from Ponyville on the official maps, but given how reliable those can be and that this is a pretty big AU, it's barely a big deal.

Knew the raven Flash spotted was gonna be important. And naming it Lenore? Nice one.

Looks like Twilight's more receptive of abrupt aerial transportation than Phil is.

“Makes you kinda wish you had wings, doesn’t it?” Flash smirked.


That fourth wall's gonna crack from all the leaning on it I do.

Yeah, I kinda ignored the "official" maps for this. They were always pretty loose with them, anyway.

Next Saturday, bud. You’ll just have to wait!

I feel like I've been waiting for a new chapter of this fic to come out for ages now. Turns out I just forgot to turn on notifications... whoops. On the bright side, more content for me to read now.

I'm loving the dive into the more Daring Do aspects of the story. And that reveal of Ahuizotl being the thing Daring saw in... book two, I think... was truly chilling, and unbelievably exciting.

I love how Phil and Daring seem to be extra perceptive this story. I suppose they're getting rather good at their jobs after everything that's happened.

Yay, comments! Just what I needed.

Indeed, Daring has learned a lot at the hoof of the expert. Something that I've tried to show here.

He grabbed Twilight beneath the forelegs and took off into the air, carrying her with him. “Wha-whoa!” Twilight cried, her alarm quickly giving way to delighted laughter. “This is amazing!”

I enjoy the dichotomy between Phil and Twilights reaction to flight.

“Makes you kinda wish you had wings, doesn’t it?” Flash smirked.

:derpytongue2: Twilight with wings? Nah, that would never catch on.

Okay, okay, I know that this isn't very exciting reading.

Don't sell yourself short, this is incredibly enjoyable. I love the mystery aspects of these stories.

Hazmat Yak!

Seriously, was not expecting that. :D

plz don't let anything happen to her

Excellent start! I'm hooked and eager to see what happens next.

Flash has been taking too many lessons from Daring. Love how Twilight and Phillip have completely opposite reactions. :rainbowlaugh:
Looks like things are about to come to a head. Looking forward to see what happens next. :twilightsmile:

"Yaks in emergency services: for when you need to get through that door/window/wall right fucking now." --Eagle, my proofreader. :rainbowlaugh:
Things are getting intense. Hope Flash and them are alright. Looking forward to seeing how this all ends. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! Glad that people are enjoying this!

the planks cracked, then broke beneath the yak, who tumbled down with a yelp of shock and a great crash.

Yona never catches a break. Not in the show, and not outside it.


grabs a shotgun and points it into the depths of Hell.

“Perhaps it would be best,” the faceless pony said to the doctor. “If they found him

We all know how he'll be found.

Yeah, alive and injected with an overdose of fear toxin that he will go crazy by seeing phantoms and hearing noises that goes bump in the night. Alive but utterly useless

Well that's ominous. Awesome fights but seems like things are only going to get worse for our heroes. Looking forward to see how this web weaves itself.

“You refer to Lieutenant General Beacon Fire,"

Nice, I had been wondering if you were going to bring Beacon into the main series. Exciting as always.

Thanks! I'm glad that you knew who she was.

“Filly from the Everfree District wants us to help find her missing bunny. She says she doesn’t have much money, but she’ll bake us a cake if we come to help…”

“If we can find time, maybe,” Phillip nodded.


“Wait a minute…” Daring whispered, squinting at a close-up image of the disguised Caballeron talking to the archeologists in the Prench bar, smiling beneath his false mustache.

“What is it?” Phillip asked.

Daring’s face creased into a snarl. “Martingale. At the museum. Son of a bitch, he was right in front of me!”

Don't'cha love it when characters finally realize what the audience already knows?

“Four hundred fifty thousand bits for water lilies?” she muttered to herself, shaking her head. “Who the hell decides the price tags on…”

She trailed off, her eyes widening as she spotted a familiar name on the list.

Not to Be Remade by Ariste Fou. Value $650,000

“Oh, no,” Daring groaned, closing her eyes.

“What?” Phillip asked, looking up from the holographic projection.

Daring held out the list, pointing to the familiar name. Phillip glanced at it, then closed his eyes. “Of course,” he muttered.


You might recognize the name Artiste Fou; if you need a refresher, please refer back to Case Seven in Kriegspiel.

Oh, okay, hang on...

...oh. Oh boy.

“Take that bloody hydra over him any day, mate,” Phillip muttered.

Just read the story that is linked to this in your AN. It was a Basilisk, not a hydra

She glanced at Strider and a grin spread across her face. “How fast are you, Strider?”

“Pretty fast,” Strider replied, stretching his wings out. “My daughter is a Wonderbolts hopeful; I’ve had to work to keep up with her.”

“Think you can keep up with me?” Daring smirked.

Strider cocked an eyebrow. “I might be able to,” he replied.

“I’ll carry him,” Daring replied, tilting her head at Phil as he started to return to them. “You need the handicap.”

“You’re on!” Strider grinned.

“What--?” Phillip glanced back and forth between the two grinning pegasi and his eyes widened. “Oh, no. No, Daring--”

His sentence was cut off by a scream and the laughter of two pegasi as they swooped into the sky.

Daring terrorizing Phil with her flying is never gonna get old. xD

It's really telling how a deal with the mob just did not faze Daring and Phillip much.

Enemy of my enemy and all that.

Besides, they can always catch up with him later.

From a strategic, tactical standpoint. Poisoning Daring was a genius move. It puts her out of action now, and then. So it'd makes sense the Doctor would do that.

He is an assassin, after all. Fair fighting is not in his job description.

Definitely, I got to use this move in future roleplays with my mates.

I scream, you scream, we all scream at eye scream.

Yay! My crummy art got featured!

Also Cabbie being an ancient aliens nut in this take is hilarious and unique and everything in between.

Held in Caballeron’s trembling hoof was a small idol of Discord, the eyeless face sneering as though mocking them. The eyes in the palms of the beast’s paws glowed yellow and red; as the detectives watched, the veins in Caballeron’s foreleg began to blacken, as though his blood had been replaced with ink.

Knowing Discord, it probably is ink.

Yay! After having fallen behind for months I am finally caught up with this series!

I am eagerly awaiting more!

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