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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.


I'm Back! · 4:17pm June 11th

At long last, the day is here! The hiatus is over and I've just released the first chapter of the new case.

This took a lot of work and planning, and I also took some time to plan out future cases. I've still got quite a bit of work to do, but this should hopefully give me space to breathe so I can work diligently without having the pressure of time weighing on me. Plus, I'm proud of this case and where we're taking it.

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I'm Still Alive · 6:01pm May 7th

Hello, readers!

It's been a while since y'all have heard from me, and I apologize for that. I really did need this hiatus to plan things out and believe me, I'm hard at work making these next cases the best that I can be. I'm about two-thirds finished with Case 23, and we're probably looking at publishing starting up again by June at the latest.

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On Hiatus · 4:59pm March 19th

Hello friends,

So, just today, I released the finale of Case 21. That's the good news!

Now for the bad news. I'm afraid that Rising Nightmares has to go on hiatus.

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Harmonycon! · 11:09pm February 14th

Hey guys!

Just wanted to drop this line before I forgot. I won't be posting a chapter this week...because I'll be at HarmonyCon in Texas! Maybe I'll see some of you there!

Don't worry, we'll be back on track on the 26th, and I'll take some time to write during the downtime.

Hope that you enjoy the upcoming chapters!


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No Chapters for Two Weeks: Sorry! · 9:27pm Dec 23rd, 2021

Hiya, readers. I hope you've got your Christmas shopping done and are looking forward for the holidays and the end of 2021!

I also hope that you're looking forward to the next chapters of Rising Nightmares, and if you are...I have some bad news. I won't be posting a chapter for Christmas Day or New Year's, and the reason for that is twofold.

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Kriegspiel Redux · 6:30pm Nov 20th, 2021

Hi all, I come to you with an explanation and an apology.

As I've mentioned before, I am something of an uber-perfectionist. And I am also very harsh on myself. I often go over my own work and critique things that I feel I could've done better, with the hopes of learning from my mistakes.

Ponyville Noire is my magnum opus, and I want to consistently give you my best. And when I see something that I know I could've done better on, it bothers me a lot.

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Maybe, Possibly, Might Be Rewriting a Chapter · 12:09am Nov 12th, 2021

Hey, readers,

I hope you're enjoying Rising Nightmares! This is something I've been working on and looking forward to for a long time. I've put a lot of work into it, and I hope that it shows!

But I'd like to talk about the past for a little bit.

Some of you might already know that I am something of an uber-perfectionist. I take a lot of pride in my stories and I always want to give my readers my best in everything I do.

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Rising Nightmares is out! · 9:24pm Aug 21st, 2021

Hello readers!

As I'm sure most of you have noticed, the fourth major story of the Noireverse, Rising Nightmares, has been released! I know I was going to push it until fall, but it's close enough, and besides, I couldn't wait anymore! I've been really eager to start this story and introduce y'all to a few new characters. I hope you enjoy it!

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Ponyville Noire: Rising Nightmares · 9:36pm Jul 23rd, 2021

Hi all!

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Noireverse religions! · 1:42am Jul 1st, 2021

Hi all!

I know it's been radio silence from me for a while, but rest assured, it's not because I've lost interest in writing. It's because I'm hard at work writing Ponyville Noire 4 (which I hope to be ready for release come September or October). I'm glad for all the attention and comments that my previous stories have gotten; thank you all so much for all the support that you've given me! It really does mean a lot!

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