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Throwing words together and hoping a story comes out. (They/them) Patreon/Ko-Fi

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  • Friday
    June Blog: The Train Keeps Going Down The Track

    "I'm going to rest and recoup" I say in my last blog post, and then don't do that.

    However, I feel... genuinely good, right now. It's likely in part because we've gotten the air conditioner fixed, but still.

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  • 1 week
    Multi-Topic Blog: Sometimes You Need To Do Something, Anything Different


    You may have noticed me launching an anthology recently. Instead of continuing my cyberpunk story, with deadline swiftly approaching. Or continuing my other ongoing stories. Basically instead of anything I'd planned to do this month.

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  • 2 weeks
    Work on Act Of Chaos, Set Us Free has begun

    Patrons of all tiers can find the script of the first chapter here, where I'll be converting it into a fleshed-out chapter. I'll be continuing the tradition I started with Crystalforged and making my sci fi stories crossovers with TTRPGs, this time a cyberpunk story blending MLP with Neon Black.

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  • 2 weeks
    Multi-Topic Blog: On Trying New Things, Teeth Talk, And A Portrait of Archmagus Masquerade

    So, one of the perks of commission work is that it gives me a chance to write things that are a little outside of what I have been. Sure, I've had to turn a couple of things down, since there's "outside of the box" and then there's "I can't even see the box anymore" and if I don't think there's a chance it'll come out as something worth the money, I can't in good conscience take on the task, but...

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  • 3 weeks
    Patreon Things: Poll, Deleted Scene

    For anyone who may have seen my Patreon launch and been asking yourself "sure, great, but are they actually going to put anything of value on there?" well, I've just placed two things of possible interest.

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People are always welcome to offer suggestions and prompts, but I can't guarantee I'll make use of them. If you have something specific you'd like me to write that falls within my rules, you're welcome to commission me.

Hey, um, I was wondering have you ever done a request?

Thanks for faving Patience, She Said. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the fave on Paper Tigers!!

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