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  • Saturday
    Prepare For Muscles And Monsters On Far Off Worlds

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    It's been a few days since I opened up the gates, and I've been working away at my commissions. Expect a new chapter for A Song Of Silk And Steel soon, as well as a sequel to Hot Dragon Inaction.

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  • 1 week
    Smalltime Fimfic Author Steals Ideas From Better Ones (Or: Who Wants To Watch Vids With Me?)


    I have a Discord server.

    Some of you know this. Some of you understandably don't, since I don't advertise it anymore. It was my reward to myself, for reaching 100 followers. I put work into it, researching bots and placing in fun and/or useful ones, setting up areas for all kinds of different chat. I thought it would be nice.

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  • 11 weeks
    March Blog: Well, February... Happened

    I never did put up a February blog, breaking my streak... but given what I did post instead... I think it's understandable.

    I didn't get any extra hounding from Paypal that I was anticipating, thank goodness, and with you guys going far above and beyond the immediate goal, I could take a little time to centre myself rather than trying to immediately dive back into my to-write list. I feel more in control now and less like there's a pressing weight on top of me.

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