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Sometime after Lucifer returns to Hell his father, God, decides to mess with his son and the playmates he made during his time on earth. By sending them all in Equestria with no means of escape. Finding no means of escape, the group try to make do with what they got.

Happens right after season 7.

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Honestly, i'm looking forward to it. Just finished binging the latest season on netflix and i want to see where this goes.

Also, something that wasn't specified, are Lucifer and the gang all humanoid or ponified?

Thanks for the comment and the gang is humanoid so don't worry about having to imagine them as ponies. (Shudder)

I'm glad to see this. I actually had an idea for them going to Equestria (or rather just Lucifer & Amenadiel) as ponies.

Is the entirety of Equestria humanoid too?

Well well well, lets see how long it takes before the Main 6 end up believing Lucifer is pure evil and try to imprison him in stone.

Good start btw. Can't wait to read more.

As far as evil goes, they'll think his devil face is more of a parlor trick than anything.

True true. Keep up the great work.

Hmm, that did stump me about how a strip club would work in Equestria that is not an anthro version.

I never knew I needed this, I can't wait to see where this leads!

Rest assured, the wait won't be too long. Gotta finish a chapter on the Wolfman and I'll be back to this.

I LOVE THIS!! It's like I am actually watching Lucifer, bravo author bravo. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Now that is what I call groveling. Just for that, I will continue to write more on this story.

He would take a sip of his flask and crack a witty joke

Also I pride myself on my groveling

liking it so far

Maybe it's the reverse and their putting clothes on slowly?"

huh... that might actually work...

but if it does, than does that make rarity a porn director?

you asked for an idea for another story in the series. here is my pitch
what if cadence, twilight and luna and shining armor where kidnapped. (a note demanding the execution of celesta or cadence, twilight luna and shining armor would be killed found at the scene) Celesta cares for her the other princesses to much and schedules her own execution. the team is on a race against the clock to find the other princesses before the execution date.

is that good?

Maybe not so many hostages but I do like the plot. I'll see what I can do.

" She runs the local strip club called 'The Vanilla Unicorn' near the edge of the city."

Really? "The Vanilla Unicorn" GTA 5 much

Not to bust your balls or nothing, but that was the idea. Also, what name would I give a strip club in Equestria?


" Can't say that I have darling." On top of being the owner of the hottest night club in all Equestria, he took on the job of citizen liaison to the EPD with Decker as it brought a sense of normalcy to their lives. " Though knowing our new lieutenant, I can almost guarantee it will be boring. Honestly, I don't know why you joined this worlds police force when everything is already handled by the main six." It was a little known fact that Lucifer liked to watch the show this world is based on. He caught the craze when the detective's daughter forced him to watch an episode. Ever since then, he would watch it whenever he wasn't having someone warm his bed.

Lucifer the brony.

Guess it is......a Devil show.

i'll see myself out

First off, I would like to say that this story is rather interesting.
Second. Just a couple things I noticed for constructive criticism.
The intro to the story wasn't bad but you took the approach as if the reader didnt know the show Lucifer while at the same time rushing through details as if they did know the show. Its was just a bit strange.
The rest of the story was very rushed and almost no sort of character development or interaction. It's supposed to be Lucifer and gang in equestria. And it feels as if the pony aspect of the story was left out and just somewhat background stuff.

Again. I find the concept interesting, but it would be nice to see it fleshed out a lot more and given more personality.
There was very little conflict and barely any mystery to the case. And no sort discussion between the characters and their current predicament. Shouldnt Chloe be worried about her daughter and getting back to her? That should be her number 1 priority.
How long have they been there? Its implied that it's been awhile but there is so much between when they arrived till now that could be explored.

Anyway. Just my two bits. :)

Good sir or madam, sorry the name doesn't reveal your gender. Anyway, because of your comment, it actually gave me inspiration for the sequel. So, if the story turns out to be good, I'd like to give you some credit. Have a pleasant day.


Glad I could help. Should be an interesting read.

Loved it:heart:! Gave me a tiny bit of nostalgia. Lucifer is one of my few favorite shows.:pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed your story, it was like seeing a Lucifer chapter.

For your idea'si repuestos, maybe a, assassination in the Manehattan fashion week show?

I like that. Tell you what, personal message me on some details and I'll get to work on it.

I literally heard Tom Ellis's voice, Lauren German's voice and Lesley-Ann Brandt's voice whilst reading this story.

Tell you what, here's some good Lucifer memes:



" My night was already bright but thanks for making it more so Lucifer." Ella had her 'Luna is best princess' shirt on while she was working. " Is Chloe with you?"

..never change Ella

" She had to confirm with the Lieutenant on where we're at on the case, so I thought I would get what you know from the evidence so far." Lucifer walked over to the evidence photos while taking a swig from his flask. " And all I can really say is that the case had better be worth it! The last case we had turned out to be an accident and I missed out on the opportunity for a four-way with two griffons and miss Saphire Shores."

...and why am I not surprised he's already boning everyone he can?

" Okay, forgoing the mental image of that, I might have something that could help." Ella brought Lucifer over to some photos taken from the crime scene. " Okay, so the blade was covered in the victim's blood obviously making it the murder weapon. It's what's around the hilt that holds true evidence." She pointed to a close-up photo of the hilt. " Notice how there's only one hoofprint on the hilt. That's because the guard is a unicorn, so he never really had to touch it with his hoof. Therefore, whoever touched this sword was most likely the killer!"

.i never thought of this before but..how do hoofprints work?

And...how can normal ponies hold things? They don't have digits

" How many times do I have to tell you Lucifer, it's detective Sentry, not douche!" Flash Sentry. A former guard to the Crystal Empire until he got reassigned to Canterlot. After a couple of years being a guard, he switched careers and became a detective, one that has never successfully solved any crimes yet. Seeing as detective Espinoza didn't go through the portal with the rest of the gang, Lucifer decided to pass on the name Detective douche to Flash. " Anyway, I came by to see if the photos from my crime were ready."

Aaand he has a new Detective Douche.

At least Dan is free

" They are, but I don't know what you're going to find with photos of Twilights bedroom and bathroom." Ella held up photos that were obviously not meant to be found in the forensic lab, at which point Lucifer snatched them up before Flash could.

Isnt...Isn't...she part of the royal family? Would this count as treason?

He could be executed for that

" It seems they can't put everything in the show, Miss Lopez. If they did, it would most likely turn from children's programming to a snuff film. Actually, that might not be a bad idea. Wonder where I can get me a camcorder?"

Amenidamnit lucifer

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