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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Tails of Two Private Eyes

When reformed thief Daring Do and private detective Phillip Finder took down Silvertongue, the reigning king of Ponyville's underworld, they hoped that things would get better for their city, and for each other. And with the dawn of a new year, and the honest if harsh Cold Case as the new chief of the Ponyville Police Department, that hope seems fruitful.

But nature abhors a vacuum. The throne that Silvertongue vacated has been taken by his former associate: Zugzwang, a cold, bloodthirsty sociopath who harbors a chilling obsession with Phillip Finder. But not all meet his rule willingly: the griffon Whitestone declares war on Zugzwang and his allies, and Phillip and Daring are caught in the center. Amidst the chaos, the mysterious Scarlet Letter manipulates all three sides as part of an unknown plan.

Ponyville is burning all around them. With a few friends at their side, Phillip Finder and Daring Do fight to restore order, but they and the city might not survive without a few scars.

Updates weekly. Proofread by Eagle—Paladin of Shadows

The second major story of the Noireverse.

Sex and Gore tags for suggestive content and graphic description.

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He's back! Oh, how I've been waiting for this!:rainbowkiss:

So, wait; this guy is being hunted by the pony version of one of the Stanley brothers?

And so a new case...and a new adventure begins...

And oho man have I been waiting to see this!

Okay, not sure I'll get around to reading this tonight, or even this week, got a few things to do, but I'll try to read this when I can.

Okay, that was... disturbing, to say the least. The use of "Oh Death" only made it worse.

Strike that, these two chapters have got me intrigued already. Watch out Ponyville, Philip is back.

*sounds the trumpets for the return of Finder and Do!*

Fancy's being framed, I just know it. But how...? Now that is the question.

I forgot how amazing and emotion drawing your writing is. How could I forget that!?

...Okay, I'm sharing Daring'sreaction on this. This case, just gets weirder and weirder by the moment.

Well, this'll make things easier. And worse.

But he's one resilient SOB

“The Poacher was a serial killer that was active in the Macintosh Hills for three years about a decade ago,” Phillip explained. “Real name’s Big Game. Hunter by trade.”

“Sick bastard,” Trace replied, opening his trenchcoat and extracting a couple of plastic bags from an interior pocket with his magic. Inside one was the bloody rifle bullet that had been extracted from Deco Line’s wound; inside the other were samples of soil, tree bark, and leaves that had been taken from Deco’s body. “He’d kidnap random ponies and take them up to the woods around the Macintosh Hills, and set them loose to hunt them. Got caught when police raided his home; they found... trophies of the ponies he’d killed in the attic.” He shuddered. “There were over two dozen of them.”

God above... :pinkiesick: It had to be a serial killer, didn't it? Where do you get your ideas Josh, for these psychos? And now the Hunt's begun again...

“The room. In the cabin,” Deco panted, the beeping of the EKG monitor faster and louder. “It was...full of ponies. Dead ponies. They’d all been... stuffed. Like trophies.”

Makes me think of "the most dangerous game"

“The bullet is a .45 caliber round designed for hunting rifles,” Suunkii stated. “There are no matches in the ballistic databases that we can find. We are looking into identifying the manufacturer.”


This one is most pleased that you enjoy the series, and appreciates the shoutout!

This guy sounds like a psychotic version of the end from MGS 3. Also please tell me that when the poacher fails and he will fail. Please tell me Scarlet and Zugzwang kill and stuff him on display in his own office, you know poetic justice.

God... shudders Man, this buck is a piece of work. You asked me once what kept me going through your stories despite the darkness Josh, and this chapter highlights my answer. The characters, that's what keeps me going. And besides, Noire as a whole, at least this brand of hard case crime is supposed to be grim and gritty. Comes with the territory. Now as for our Preacher, got a song for you.

You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time...

You're so descriptive with this, it's almost as if it were happening to me. I can almost feel it

He does seem to like to 'preach', does he not?

God, that had my heart pumping the entire time, great work Josh. Sadly, somehow I doubt this little peace will last. Treasure those little moments Philip, Daring, for the war has only yet to begin I fear...

So another case comes to a close, and more questions than answers. And once again, Philip learns he really needs to grow a pair of wings. Holds up Nazca Memory Poor guy.:rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait to see what the next case has in store...

Dark red unicorn mare.... Scarlet?

Test her hooves for GPR(Gun Powder Residue)!

Not quite. Scarlet is more of a light pink than a dark red. But you're not that far off the mark...

Oh, I thought she was red... hmm... I cant recall any red mares off the top of my head

And here I was expecting something simple and Christmasy, or at least a Christmas themed murder. Never stop subverting our expectations Josh! Loved the scenes with Applejack, and then Zugzwang showed up... God, got the chills there, and not just from the winter weather.

Is Zugzwang the black pieces then? Assuming the person on the phone made the first move

He is the Black King. And all shall bow before him.

And I just realized that her name is Whitestone, and she made the first move...huh. I totally did not intend that.

Glad you liked it! And especially glad that Zugzwang is still capable of bringing the fright!

Yeah, one might expect this to be Christmas themed, but this case is explicitly set in late winter/early spring, so...eh.

Wanted to throw up just a little after reading a few lines of his dialogue, he's that unnerving.

Okay, as an early Christmas present, this works. Definitely caught my attention.

I imagine the mess a flattened head would make.

Not very fun for the coroners.

Innsbeak... Hmm... I do wonder. Sarcastic Okay, really loved the character interactions especially the ones between Philip/Daring and Flutters and Rainbow. Really feel like real people... er, ponies. Laughed, I cried, the works. Oh, and happy new year Josh. Raises glass Cheers.

Hmm...... I have no clue what Innsbeak is.

Also, Daybreaker is male here? Huh.

Innsbeak is a play on Innsmouth. Look it up, and you might get it.

When I was designing this universe, I wanted to make it clear that Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon are not at all related to Celestia and Luna (the legends of the Old Gods date back to before Equestria, before they were born). I made Daybreaker a male on a whim, both to separate him from Celestia, and to capitalize on the day-night dichotomy between them.

Oh hell.

Is everypony in this city crazy?

And that'd be a yes Daring, as it's probably starting to look that way.

Good chap.

Heh, good variation on Chandler's Law. Good chapter overall really. ...Something tells me this isn't the end of Rainbow Dash's vigilante antics, knowing her. I just have this feeling, you know?

I think it's neat how you managed to work the Rainbow Dash admiring Daring into this fic. It's clever, and it fits nicely.

I look forward to next week!

Well, that's a spoiler title if you ever got one. Still, shows Zugzwang's reach is extending father, and that's an even scarier thought.

“I can get past that,” Daring declared, reaching into her pocket and extracting her bit bag. She pretended to glance out the window. “Hey, guys, look. There’s a yak on a unicycle juggling chainsaws outside.”

Red and Trace both rolled their eyes but obligingly turned their backs as Daring extracted her trusty (and illegal) lock picks from the hidden pocket in the bag. It took her all of three seconds to defeat the lock and open the box, cueing the stallions to turn around.

Had to laugh at this, oldest trick in the book. Action scene? Got my heart pumping. Great work Josh!

At least Phil and Daring still got each other, right? Right?

Don't worry about it, they've got each others backs as long as they're both still breathing.

Well, crap. And Nightmare Moon disciples? Lovely, Daring's stuck with a bunch of gangbangers. Ah well, I know how this will end, Daring escaping somehow. Whether she has the hostages with her, is another story. Honestly Josh, this cliffhanger does have a predictable ending, even if the chapter itself was heart-pounding.

You’ll need the bits...and honestly, that color looks stupid on you.”

Who knew, Daring knows a thing or two about fashion. Huh. Learn something new every day. Well, if being a detective fails her, we know what she can fall back on...


Fashion Detective with Daring Do:
I recently had the dubious honor of seeing the latest line from Hoity Toity's Canterlot line. I'll give the stallion credit for this, he really does know his history, considering that everything in the line seemingly came from the eighteenth century. To paraphrase one of my favorite fictional characters, the whole thing belongs in a museum.

"...yeah, no. Not happening."


Quit lying to yourself Dares, you'd make a great one! At least try on something nice for Philip, I'm sure he'd looooovvvveee that.:heart::raritywink:

Daring Do, badass and had enough of this case. That sums up this chapter up in a nutshell.

Two officers plucked silver tear gas grenades from the trunk of their cruiser as everyone else donned small gas masks that they retrieved from pockets on their duty belts. Red pulled two spare masks from the trunk of the Commander and tossed them to Phillip and Daring. She strapped hers on and tested the seal, recalling the simple government-issued mask that she’d taken for herself during the Crystal War. This one, she decided, was far more comfortable, didn’t smell as strongly of rubber, and offered a much better field of view. Phillip strapped his on snugly, then assisted Flash with his; the younger pegasus’ hooves were shaking.

How does it create a seal with the hair on their faces?

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