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I like Dragons. Spending time with my family. Playing games and going to the Beach.

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Comment posted by Saberking2012 deleted July 2nd

Sorry, I didn't know how to answer it. In fact, I'm
Thinking about going on the first Sci-Hulk story and make one final chapter that involves the Rainbooms fighting Sci-Hulk and Clover-Hulk helps our favorite purple Equestria Girl. BTW, remember that Clover-Hulk is Fluttershy.

2749786 Oh. Okay. I just thought my phone was screwing with me. In that case, then may I ask why you deleted my previous comment?

Yes, but some of my storie's will be unsubmitted until I get them right, including the second story of Sci-hulk. My Sexy Possessed Twilight series, my Hulklight Sparkle series, and the Hulklight Sparkle series involving Cosmos.

I don't know if it's on my end but did you get my message?

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