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Hey guys, Flameboy here! I just went and read some of the stories that were truly awful. I mean those that shows Twilight Sparkle being evil. I hate those stories, I mean, I REALLY HATE THEM. I hate "A New Nightmare", "Daylight's End", or any evil/corrupted/possessed and turned evil stories. That's all part of my criticism. I hate Nightmare Twilight Sparkle stories. I hate Sombra-corrupting-Twilight-Sparkle stories. I hate Chrysalis mind-controlling and turning into changelings by force stories. I even hate those with Princess Midnight Sparkle.

So, I'm sending you all this message to notify YOU, to never read those kinds of stories if you're a Twilight Sparkle fan.
A TRUE Twilight Sparkle Fan would never make our favorite purple princess turn evil or get corrupted. In fact, if you come across one of those stories, here are some tips to help you remember.

A.) Read the title.
B.) read the short description.
C.) Click on the title.
D.) Read the long or longer description.
And finally...

If you wanna know why these are bad stories, then type a comment of yours to me. I'm not trying to control your life, I'm trying to make sure that you don't have to experience the heart-breaking stories that will hurt your heart.

I will read your comments, and I will tell you how bad they are from my experience from reading them myself. Oh, and if you want to tell me the name of the story and its description, I will tell you that its a stupid, evil story. Another thing is: DO NOT READ ANY PONIES FORCED INTO BECOMING CLOWNS KINDS OF STORIES.

I am going to work on some stories that might be next week, month, or year. So, just wait for a few days and then you can read them.

I mean, that are you guys Twilight Sparkle and Rarity fans?
If so, good for you.
If not, then tell me who is your favorite pony of the Mane6, or anypony else. It can also be a different creature of Equestria. It could be a dragon. It could be a minotaur. It could be a draconequs or a Storm Creature. It could be a hippogriff, a seapony, a diamond dog, or an anthropormorphic bipedal cat. Or a hedgehog. Or an Ursa Major or an Ursa Minor. It doesn't count with an evil being staying evil. Like the King of Shadows himself, King Sombra. Or even Tirek and Queen Chrysalis. Or even the human that blackmailed the Princess of Friendship's human counterpart, Scitwi, into becoming Midnight Sparkle. No villainous felon, whatsoever. Except if Nightmare Moon was good in some episodes. And don't even think about that stupid evil Cockatrice from the Stare Master episode, which turned Twilight Sparkle, my favorite pony, into stone. Leaving her helpless. If I was in the show, I would totally give that monster a good old beatdown.

And not to mention that I am a YouTuber by the name of Rex The Extreme Tribal Werewolf.

And just like the girl in the classic version, which I don't like, I am a human born in the year of the Dragon. My OC is a human by the name of Jonathan Claw, who was born with draconian DNA, Werewolf DNA, Draconequs DNA, and the DNA of an ant. The power to shrink and because I hate spiders. Also with Minotaur blood, and Earth pony DNA as well. The reason with all the DNA, is because my OC is an Animagus, a shape-shifter from Harry Potter. I also made three stories with Twilight Sparkle (EQG) turning into the incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High School and Camp Everfree. Sci-hulk happens to be the second main character of Rainbow Thor: Ragnorok. I will soon try to make stories with evil creatures as nice creatures.

I may be a fan of the Mane6 and Spike and others, but here's the ones that I truly am a huge fan of.1
1.1. Spike the Dragon. (I love dragons so he is the reason why I watch the show.)
1.2. Twilight Sparkle now Princess Twilight Sparkle. (Because she is so more beautiful than Rarity because she always wants to make Equestria safe. Been betrayed so many times by her friends in some episodes. She sings very beautifully than her friends as well as singing with them in perfect harmony. Thus, making her the second reason why I watch the show.)
2. Ember. (Even though there were times she upsets Spike once and Twilight so much, like eating her new home, she still blushes whenever getting hugged by Spike. Which I think is the most cutest thing about her. I support Spember for one and one reason only: She also thinks that there's more to being big and strong. That reason is a very good lesson for showing everyone that you can be brave, scared, smart, caring, and confident whether you're big or small. Also, I think Ember would blush more if Spike gave her a long smooch, or in this case, a kiss. I personally think that Rarity will never understand Spike's love for her and probably never will. Unless, Spike gets mad at his pony friends that he was always treated like a slave by Twilight, or a pin cushion by Rarity. Or even be disrespected by him being called a lame dragon by Rainbow Dash, or let's not forget that the one thing that makes a dragon. The Dragon Code of dragons should never be disrespected by somepony or creature. Well, dragons are friends with these kinds of creatures like their own, the griffons of Griffonstone, the minotaurs of Taurus, or the Draconequei and the storm creatures. They can even be friends with the buffalo of Appaloosa. And now they can even be friends with Changelings with help from Thorax. But, mostly the one who disrespected their code, and was the first pony to do so: Applejack. Just like Twilight, Spike has always been helpful whether taking care of easy stuff, or doing some challenging tasks. He was even trying to repay the favor to her for saving his life from a pack of three timberwolves, but what does she do? She tries to break the code, his code! Even though Spike was living with ponies, but it doesn't mean that he can't worship his kind. And it was all her fault for planning a fake timberwolf attack by making a dummy of one, with the help from Twilight, FlutterShy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity Belle. Twilight using her magic to make the dummy move, FlutterShy making the sounds of bark hitting the ground, Rarity and Pinkie screaming like trouble is coming, Rainbow Dash making the roar of a timberwolf, which technically was the wrong sound since wolves can growl, snarl, bark, and howl. And of course, Applejack being the supposed "Damsel in Distress", put her head into the dummy's mouth, making it look like she's being eaten. But, later on in the series, we see the Mane6 making sure to never hurt his feelings ever again. But, if Spike ever feels like he's sad, angry, or ever want to be in the comfort of someone else, he would always count on his friends that aren't ponies. Ember to talk about how dragons usually do to let their anger or frustrations out. Thorax to talk about feelings. Or even let the stress of being left out by playing a LARP version of ogres and oubliettes with Big Macintosh and Discord. But, mostly I think that the Crystal Ponies did a good job on actually respecting him for his noble deeds for saving the empire from King Sombra and the cloud of Ice that came from an ice arrow.)
3.1. Discord.
3.2. Thorax.
3.3. FlutterShy.
4.1. Storm King (even if he took Twilight's magic, yet he is so funny.)
4.2 and 4.3. Fizzlepop Berrytwist and Grubber.

Of course. Not BIG fan. But definitely a fan. :twilightsmile:
And what do you mean by "both of you"?

Here's another thing, if you add my stories to some kind of group, make sure you like them

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