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Casting · 8:03am Sep 1st, 2012

Alright, I'm thinking of making a Les Miserables fic but I'm having trouble with the casting:

(ok guys this has come up enough but ya need to understand this is an AU fic not canon it's not suppose to make sense. Also I need cast suggestion for the BLANK roles those that are filled are staying put AND NO MORE SUGGESTING FLUTTERSHY AS FANTINE IT WON'T WORK)

Jean Valjean: Nightmare Moon/Luna

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Thanks for the fave on "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts."

Thank you for adding Devil in Me to your Favorites.

2656802 Ya welcome, like seeing different perspectives of other characters but I feel sorry fr them having to look after that demon in a bunny suit

2656857 Gonna take a while to go through em

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