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A place for Ordinary Gentlecolts to be Ordinary Gentlecolts. From goofing around to sharing your Ordinary Gentlecolt problems with an anonymous audience that you can trust to help you, this group will meet all of your Ordinary Gentlecolt needs.

Well, there's no sex or alcohol here, so if those are your Ordinary Gentlecolt needs, you might be in the wrong place. However, if you are dealing with or have dealt with any struggle regarding sex, alcohol, or any other serious issue you don't feel comfortable bringing to a mentor in person, I encourage you to bring it here so we can give whatever advice we can. As one who knows the struggle of sexual addiction, I know how hard it is to overcome, and I myself am happy to have a conversation with anyone who has a similar struggle.

Sorry Pegasisters, I hate to say it but this group is exclusive to Bronies of the male gender.

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300725 Ah, yes. Finely eaten I must say. They were knocked airborne, and feasted on. *slurps*

How do you do, Mr Gath?
Eat any particularly tasty weaklings lately?

Well hello there, pleased to meet you all.

Comment posted by Midnight Spark deleted Dec 14th, 2012

No matter what you guys say, I will mentally read all these comments in the voice of Lord Fancypants.
(and now so will you) :moustache:

And now that I understand what you typed (a little tired here), no the accent is not necessary, and admittedly not entirely preferred. This is just a place for guys to be guys, and it's very much intended as a safe haven for guys to talk about their guy problems (see the threads I created).

Of course, if you want to do the gentlecolt speak, you are more than welcome to, I won't try to stop you. It is silly and fun, of course.

Talk however you want. This is a place for guys to be guys. I just used the term "gentlecolt" because we're all bronies here

Oh, good fortunes I have recently allowed two years abroad to study my gentlecoltly manners in the former Confederate States of America! These brash speaking tones of the Oregon Territories simply would not do.

this is going to be delightful :moustache:

I say, tis about time a league was formed.

Is the Gentlema*ahem* colt accent absolutely vital or is it acceptable to talk a little lax here?

I say, what a novel idea! Good show, good show. :moustache:

One is loohking forwaaard to see where this group goes. Goodness me!

What an absolutely delightful group you have here, chap.

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