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Story Idea: Let There Be War · 10:47pm Jul 2nd, 2014

Another story idea that popped into my brain; an HiE where the MC, Alexander Weissman Von Amen (the fictional son of Daniel Gregory Amen, director of Amen Clinics and Pharmaceuticals) is sent to Equestria after meeting, conversing with the Merchant (the character/driving force in all the LOHAV/H stories, who sells the MC cursed/enchanted items that, among other things, whisks the MC away to Equestria).

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So, uh, I found out roughly a minute ago (at time of writing this), that you made a Splatterhouse fimfiction crossover. The only problem is that I can’t find any stories in the story section of your account. Care to explain, friend?

Thanks for the favorite on "Monster is as Monster Does"

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

A big thanks for the fave of When a changeling gets a bright idea my dear.

I did what I could, but the end result is barebones at best.

  • Viewing 244 - 248 of 248
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