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I love Jesus, music, Ponies and gaming That is all you need to know


Writing a sermon is hard · 3:21am Jul 31st, 2014

Like, REALLY hard. I've been working on this one for months, and it gives me WAY more respect than I already had for pastors who do this every week. It's been awesome writing this sermon, but it takes a lot out of me.

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What happened that caused her to leave?

i need help doing a thread so in advanced

If you ever come back, I think you ought to just fold your group. Hollow words are all that remain.

You are missed, Corny. I hope that we will see you here again one day. It's kinda hard being one of the few Christians "with a pony in the race" here on FIMFiction, and I miss your leadership, especially in the Christian Bronies group. Whatever your current status, you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and keep you.


primalcorn1 is currently inactive, but you're certainly welcome to join if you haven't already. :twilightsmile:


  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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Hey, everypony! My good friend Paranova has made some art of me! She's incredibly talented, especially considering that these were done on her Nintendo 3DS! Enjoy!

Oh, and if anypony wants to add some arts, just send me some! I don't know what benefit it would be to you, but it would be fun and I would enjoy it!

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