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Writing Time

This is pretty much a spot where I post all the updates on stories that I'm currently writing, or might write.

Current Projects

Darkest Secrets
-Chapter 2
-2990 words
-Being edited

Prospective Stories

Where the Red Delcious Grows
-Sad, Slice of Life, Origins
-Apple Family and Winona
-Every night before bed, Applejack tells Apple bloom a story. Usually they're about princess', cowboys or something along the lines of a pseudo night time fairy tale. However tonight, Apple bloom specificly requests the story of how she got Winona.

Let's Write a Story
-Pretty much a lighthearted story that highlights everything I hate about FiM Fiction.



A Very Merry Christmas... Or Quanza... or belated Hanukka · 8:56am Dec 24th, 2013

Some of you are in for a nice holiday surprise.

D'awwww Pic of the Week

Somedays everyone just wishes they could buy a small desert island in the middle of nowhere and just live the rest of your days in total isolation. Then you get home and search pictures of adorable ponies, and the world seems just a little more bearable. It's those moments of complete and utter D'awwww that I love so much, and so I bring you my D'awww pic of the week.

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Yo, Mr. Dependable. Y'alright?
We want more 'Darkest Secrets!'

Whoa, I just realized I'm your 100th watcher. Weird :derpytongue2:


Ah, well then. Those are good reasons why you haven't updated yet. If you could've posted a warning that you were leaving that would've been appreciated. But glad to have you back

121622 It's been far too long since I've written anything, and I feel so shitty about it. I'm gonna be making a blog update explaining everything and putting up chapter release info within the next week, so keep an eye out for that. Sorry about the long period of absolutely fuck all.

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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