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This account is no longer in use. I'm leaving it up so people can read my stuff. If you need to contact me, send an email to dawnfade@gmail.com

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Comment posted by Coconut of Doom deleted August 31st

2 years ago I finished this magnificent journey of a story for the first time.

A year later I came back on a whim and read it again, simultaneously learning the author had quit writing any mlp fics which, though disheartening, I was pretty fine with as long as there were still pieces of work I could look forward to in the future.

Here I am again a year later to once again become consumed by this impeccable work of literary art and I don't think I've ever been as devastated as today

I will admit I was holding out hope that DF would continue with some more mlp works, even if I'm not really into it as I once was

Although finding out he's gone completely from this site, having no luck locating him on any social media, and all around being in a state of constant panic at the thought of him not writing whatsoever anymore has shoved me into what I can only identify as despair

On the real if you ever make anything again plug that shit on here

Nigga I'll follow you no matter where you go I don't wanna see that talent of yours go to waste

I know I'm not the only one who wants you back

I can only hope you'll see this one day soon

45 weeks since his leave and I still feel sad when looking at this page and University Days.

It was the whole reason I joined FIMFiction, he and his beautifully written University Days is what inspired me to start writing, myself. Now that he is gone I feel a bit lost myself. But, his legacy will always live on with his stories.

Bless you DawnFade. You made me happy when I was depressed, entertained me when I bored, and inspired me to write. You will not be forgotten on this site.

Why isn't Dawnfade writing anymore? :fluttercry:

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