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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

Various Items -- Advertising, Watch Me Write

The Collab Cage
A place for all things collaboration! Want to join one (or twenty)? Want to run one yourself? Want to just talk about them? This here's the place for you!

Every day, a new prompt. Short, easy, often silly--if you need a little spark to get yourself going, look no further. Got a prompt? PM it to me and add it to the list!

We've got more, too--look for the mini-collabs the group will run on a monthly basis as well as fun little thread games!

Really Bored? Watch Me Write!

(subject to availability, aka whenever I'm working on Gdocs rather than OpenOffice. But feel free, tell me who you be, chat me up, watch me write, help me hash out the story, whatever! I doubt it'll happen often, but it'd be cool. I'll put the link here whenever I'm available.)

The Peregrine is: OUT

Currently working on:

Grey Tiercel: Mrs. Melody -- Link

Medley: Chapter One

Unusued Story Ideas

Feel free to write them, but let me know if you do!

--How exactly did Discord sow chaos in the past? What if the entire world was actually populated by humans, who were then all turned into animal forms, but retaining their human personalities? Luna and Celestia stopped Discord, but couldn't undo his spell...many years pass, culture changes, history is loss, and humanity is forgotten. Enter the present day. AU, I suppose. Human obviously. Could be Adventure, or even Dark.
--Rarity's room is her private palace; nopony ever steps foot in it but her. So when, say, Twilight enters and sees a picture of Applejack on the bedside table... She begins to wonder what lies within Rarity's heart. The story idea here is that each Mane 6 stumbles into Rarity's room, sees a picture of a different Mane 6, assumes Rarity has feelings for them, and then proceeds to try and set the two up. All five of the others do this for all five of the others. Comedy, so much Comedy...and secret Romance, if you like.
--A story based upon eviltomby's idea that Fluttershy loses her voice, so it is up to Pinkie Pie to communicate for her. Hilarity ensues.
--After Rainbow Dash makes it into the Wonderbolts, she has increasingly less time for an increasingly embittered Scootaloo--who goes on to found the Shadowbolts to compete for best fliers in all Equestria. I don't really know if I'll do it or not, it's a solid idea but... Idea by Dan.
--Secretly, Fancy Pants had always lusted after Rarity, but knew he could never have her. When he learns she has a younger, far more vulnerable and impressionable sister, however... (Dark, may God forgive my mind for thinking it)
--One of the CMC (I'm thinking Apple Bloom would be serious times, Sweetie mildly serious times, and Scoots meh times) is diagnosed with a terminal illness--she won't live to see her cutie mark.
For REAL downer times, one of the other two gets hers as the dying one is nearly gone. (Sad maybe, but most likely Tragedy)
--A series of ponyknappings run rampant in Appaloosa--it's up to Braeburn to venture the desert in search of the missing kids. (Adventure)
--Oh no! A neighboring enemy has abducted the Mane 6 and it's up to Celestia and Luna to save them--only issue? They must stay in hiding at all time or risk instant exposure--so no flying and no extreme magic. (Adventure)
--The Great Equestrian Stand-Up Open Mic Night!
All the Mane 6 (and anypony, really...each pony could be a different one-shot!) participate!
Twilight tells nothing but science jokes!
Rarity tells fashion and related jokes!
RD tells nothing but (bad) puns!
AJ tells mudhoof (read: redneck) jokes!
Pinkie Pie is...well, Pinkie Pie!
Fluttershy would, ironically enough (and to the extreme annoyance of Pinkie), tell the best jokes. (Slice of Life/Comedy/Random (maybe))
--Obviously Rarity is Ponyville's resident matchmaker--if it wasn't for her top notch fashion skills, she may very well have gone into business setting up pony couples. But alas, shall she never find her own partner out there in the world?
Imagine it sort of like a series of one shots bound together by an overhanging plot that steps in every now and then--each one shot is her helping a new couple (or one pony trying to start something with another, etc.), with the occasional (failed) try for herself. (Romance)
--Pinkie Pie becomes the fourth wall. Now, anytime a pony makes a joke only a human would get, it slowly kills her as they are 'breaking the fourth wall.' (Dark and Random)
--After rewatching the MMMystery on the Friendship Express episode, I noticed something.
Recall when Rarity gave Joe that compliment about him looking good in a tux? Do you remember his face right after that?
I suggest the seeds of infatuation were planted! Have him show up on her doorstep, in a tux, asking if she'd like to go to dinner. She's appalled (he's a regular Joe, after all), but says yes out of kindness--the date goes beyond fantastic and she starts to fall for him.
Play out the rest as you see fit. (Romance)


Something Positive, Yes? A...Fairytale of sorts. The Tale of Jackal and Phoenix · 12:58am Aug 14th, 2017

So, one thing I have been doing is a lot of homebrewing and world building for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, Alandria. Have a good game, a little over a year old now, going, and it really sparks my creativity. I long to reach a point where I can write stories and the like in my world, like certain others have done in the past. (Haaah, dreams.)

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Latest Stories

My Fiction Writing and Planning Schedule

Welcome to my new fan fiction work schedule! Keep in mind that several of the items on this list are in flux, pure potential until I actually get to working on them. You’re welcome to talk to or ask me any questions regarding these fiction ideas! For those of you interested in my own work, I hope this little list is handy!

Key --
(+) Means this is an active project that I’m working on writing, right now; this will also cover any ongoing multi-chapter fics.
(=) Means this is a readied project. These will be the fics I’ll get to next, once any or all of my current active projects are over with. This also covers any fics that I’ve started but have put on hold for various reasons.
(-) Means this is a passive project. I’m working on it, but still in the planning stages.
(x) Means this is a potential project. I’ll get to it eventually, but precisely when I’m not sure.
(WT) Working Title
(PT) Placeholder Title

+ The Album ... Massive collab of one shots, all tied to a central theme. Short and simple SoL moments in the lives of an individual character. (List Available for Participants)

+ Big Red ... A Heistverse side story telling the tales of Big Mac and Twila's older brother, Llewellyn Shields. Full of adventure, action, and pirates!

+ A Taste of Pie (WT) ... A one shot short, part two in my Pony’s Best Friend series. A Dark story focusing on Pinkie and her pet alligator, Gummy. (Writing Begun)

+ Medley (WT) ... A very long (possibly a series), multi-chaptered fic starring Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, SoL and Romance. Will tell the story of both characters’ lives, from before they even met to their budding relationship. (Writing Begun, First Chapter Soon)

= Satellite ... A short one shot Romance, request by Cid Gaius. Luna is a pony out of time, having been left behind by one thousand years of technological and cultural progress. But, perhaps, to get herself reacquainted, all she really needs is a little bit of kindness. (1/2 Written)

= Heart of Chaos ... A multi-chapter story explaining the history of Celestia, Luna, Discord, and Equestria. Next: Chapter 1. (Hiatus To Be Ended Soon)

= Manehattan Chronicles: Building Blocks and Breaking Ground ... A series of short stories detailing the history of my characters in the MCRP, Grey Tiercel and Wild Gambit. Next: Mrs. Melody. (About 1/3rd Written)

= The Sundered Still Smile ... A psychological Dark horror one shot, probably moderate lengthed. With her brother acting mighty strange and a terrible illness sweeping through Ponyville, it will fall to Applejack to discover the truth behind this mysterious plague. It’s a race against time to save her family, her friends, and her home. Idea seed by DreamWings. (Planned)

- The Fate of Chyrsalis (PT) ... A Tragedy one shot, short to middling lengthed. Set after the Season 2 finale, this will explain what happened to Chrysalis and the Changelings after they were banished. (Planning)

- Star Swirl: Who Who Hoo? sequel ... A moderate lengthed stand alone story, taking place after the events of Who Who Hoo?. Though Star Swirl the Bearded has more than settled into his new life as Owlowicious the owl, he is still a scientist, a wizard, and a royal adviser, and he itches to get back to his work. When Twilight takes him along on a visit to Celestia, he wonders if the royal alicorn might not be able to understand who he is in reality. (Planning)

- Star Swirl the Peach-Fuzzed (WT) ... A series of short to middling stories, most likely Adventure. We know the greatness and skill of Star Swirl the Bearded--but how exactly did he become one of Equestria’s most skilled and powerful conjurers of all time? Detailing the life of a younger Star Swirl, exploring an Equestria before there was an Equestria. (Pre-Planning)

x Decay (WT) ... A long one shot, prequel to Heart of Chaos. Detailing the lives and childhood friendship of Lucent Concord and Fair Chance, all the way up to their ascension as Avatars of Harmony and Chaos. (Pre-Planning)

x The Royal Painter (PT) ... A short one shot story, mostly character building, SoL. Celestia is posing for a royal portrait to be painted by a nerve-wracked relatively unknown artist. In the many hours of posing and painting, what might he hear or overhear in the presence of the thousand year plus old monarch? Idea seed by JJ GingerHooves. (Pre-Planning)

x Written Legacy (WT) ... A series of middling stories, or perhaps a multi-chaptered fic. Following an OC and his family, concurrent with the show itself--because who was running and living in the library before Twilight showed up? (Pre-Planning)

x Cross-Eyed Star Crossed(WT) ... A short to middling lengthed Romance one shot. When Twilight’s latest experiment is interrupted by a peculiar, accident prone pegasus, it might be the start to more than just another friendship letter. Story seed by Bronymaster. (Pre-Planning)

x (no title as of now) ... A middling lengthed, Romance one shot. Starring the flower sisters and Golden Grapes. Idea seed by KartalTheWriter. (Pre-Planning)

x (no title as of now) ... A middling length Sad/Tragedy/Dark one shot. When a strange disease begins to affect all the animals of Ponyville, the Mane Six worry for the lives of their pets, their friends. Idea seed by Bronymaster. (Pre-Planning)

x Filly Twilight and Smarty Pants Adventures (PT) ... Series of Comedic, Adventurous one shots. When Twilight was a little filly, she had a very large imagination, bolstered by the books she read. With her best friend, the mare Smarty Pants, she goes on a myriad of adventures. (Pre-Planning)

x Daring Do Series (PT) ... A collection of short to middling length Adventure stories. Starring Daring Do, these might attempt to be the actual in-’verse books that RD loves. Possibly based on the Daring Do series page on TvTropes. (Pre-Planning)

x Equestrian Classics: A Pony Christmas Carol (PT) ... A pony adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol. What happens when Blueblood receives a trio of mysterious visitors this Hearth’s Warming Eve? Possibly part of a series, The Equestrian Classical Library. (Planned, Writing Begun, Awaiting December)

x Equestrian Classics: A Pony Frankenstein (PT) ... A pony adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. When a single genius pony has delusions of the divine nature of Celestia, there are no depths he won’t sink to prove the worth of the ‘common pony’. Possibly part of a series, The Equestrian Classical Library. (Planned, Awaiting October)

x Equestrian Classics: Strange Case of Pony Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (PT) ... A pony adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When a spell cast by Lyra has unforeseen side effects, she finds that she and her best friend, Bon Bon, have become one pony! But not at the same time, oddly enough. Will their two conflicting personalities and lifestyles lead to tragedy?

x Equestrian Classics: A Pony’s Adventures in Wonderland (PT) ... A pony adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. When Apple Bloom shirks off her chores to go looking for her cutie mark, she finds herself in a strange world--and a strange body. Humanized, with Apple Bloom as Alice Bloom Apple. Possibly part of a series, The Equestrian Classical Library. (Pre-Planning)

Vague Idea Seeds to Develop
- Applejack and the Golden Apples -- Sad, Adventure. When Granny Smith becomes injured/ill, it’s up to AJ to search out an old legend on golden apples that can heal any wound and cure any illness.
- A Trixie origin tale, explaining how she became the pony she is today.
- An Adventure story starring Big McIntosh.
- A Mystery tale in the style of a Nero Wolfe.

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Hope things are going your way, pal, wherever the wind's taken you.

So...do you know anything about what's going on with the AuthorSupport Group?

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Hi I just wanted to tell you that, no matter how slow you think you are, that you and Merc the Jerk and Jaketheginger, all three of you do incredible work and that I'm sorry that I never showed you guys how happy and grateful I am for what you guys do :twilightsmile:

I pick the worst time to kind of get a funk and not be here, heh. Alas, no, it seemed every time that I managed to make it to Q&S, someone was mentioning you just leaving. Alas, I didn't get to go there much, nor spend much time there when I did. If I go to BC again next year, hoping to change that. Barely got to say hi to a lot of people I'd really like to spend some time around.

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