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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...


Though Spike is often the most dependable of assistants, he can have his off days. His accidents.

On the day he spills ink all over Owlowicious, Twilight will discover something that will change all of their lives forever.

Now with its own Audio Reading by konfics, here!

Part one of the Pony's Best Friend series.
Part two: In progress.
Part three: Planning.
Part four: Planning.
Part five: Planning.
Part six: Planning.

This started out as my response to the One Word Prompts thread on the Collab Cage. The response is just supposed to be 100-500 words, but it just kept going. So here is. Thanks to Therizzen for the word, which was Ink.

Preread by KartalTheWriter, Lapison, Therizzen, and TypewriterError.

Not canon to my fanonverse.

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Better than excepted. :twilightsmile:

Good work.

The ending was hilarious.

Oh wow. I loved this. Very interesting idea. I especially like the idea of the mechanics behind the automated quill. I expected the spin of a double-dream, but it was done well. Makes me wonder what prompted such a nightmare, though.

Overall, I loved it. :twilightsmile:

Hm, wow. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It gave me just a few chills as I read it. I must say, kudos to such a great story! Upvotes all around!

Cool story, bro.

I almost lost a tear when you discribed the tear marks on his face. True to the dark tag with a light-hearted twist at the end. You should do pet stories for all of them just not as dark. There's a gummy fic thats sad/tragedy called gummys sleepover. Its a moving tale that you might like, let me know if you get the chance to read it. Congratulations on a superb fic.

Nice. There are no other words I have to explain this but 'NICE!'. :raritywink:

Before reading
O, I pray to the Heavenly Grandfather that the Dark tag isn't some sort of a horrible punacious pun on the inky premise...

After reading
Thank goodness. The story is a really nice ride too.

Nice to see it got some attention. :yay:

The response is just supposed to be 100-500 words, but it just kept going. So here is.--

Well, at least it wasn't in the story.

Anyway, I liked this story. Surprisingly grimdark at that one point, but really good overall. You worry about your writing too much :twilightsmile:

Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending especially, I feel I have a rather good talent for potent last lines.

I actually did that on purpose, heh. But I do need to give the story a proper edit read through. I saw a lot of mistakes and clumsy wordings/potential for better wordings that I didn't catch at the time. Glad you liked it. And hey, if I didn't worry, I wouldn't be me, heh.

*is still headdesking that this kind of took off beyond all expectations*

I actually find that to be hilarious with potential. Tag a story Dark, not for grim, creepy, or cracked feels or subjects, but because the story is literally about something dark. Heh.

HAH. I love it.

Really? You liked it? How weird. Still, I always enjoy when you like my writing.

Funny enough, I do have an idea in play for Gummy (that kind of came from a lack of sleep addled brain with a side of vodka buzz, so it might be rather odd). As for all the pets...maybe I'll give that some thought. This did rather well, after all. Thanks for liking it! And story suggestion added to my dusty To Read list, thanks.

Yeah, I knew at least one person would make the joke. And I know the double dream is clearly visible a mile off--this was never supposed to be anything but a simple little short.

Meh, this is nothing. You should see what Gummy does with Pinkie Pie... I-I mean what Pinkie does with Gummy! Y-yeah... :applejackpokerface:

Well, that was cute :twilightsmile:

I'll be honest, I never expected the ending. I kinda thought you were just gonna keep going deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole.

I liked what you did here. It's very well written, the idea speaks of much more than what you wrote, and the part about Spike and Twilight jumping Owlowiscious was downright hilarious. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I think you should add the comedy tag to this. The situation and the characters' actions were both ridiculous, and it led up to a punchline.

While it can be funny to some--for example, I find it amusing myself--it's not the point nor the major theme of the story, so tagging it for Comedy would be inappropriate.

I always wondered why twilight never used a pen or pencil for that matter. They do exist, spike use one during ponyvillw confidential after all and when Rainbow Dash is ghostwriter do they exist! Even in Zepplin episode you see her using quills and they break like their pencils. Never see any

As I am writing this I am severaly lacking in sleep. So this story made me crack the hecken up. More so because I've had a nightmare like that once. They are so damn vivid and real that when you truly wake up you start to question what reality really is xD Then you stub your toe and you realize that yes this in fact IS reality because only it could hurt that much. Well at least it wasn't a bricky boy I stepped on. Anyway this was a funny little laugh ^^ Thanks for that

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