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Sunny's beat me to it, and you've heard from me already, but I might as well, since you were so understanding and easy about it... Welcome to Author Support! Sunny might be the one who goes around playing the welcome wagon, but I'm the official go to Admin for any and all questions you might have! But heck, we're all open and available. We're a pretty awesome group and incredibly useful to up and coming authors like yourself--but the biggest way we continue to improve and be able to offer new things? Active members! Hope to see a lot of you around, especially since you've been such a good sport about it so far! Good luck to you in all of your endeavors!

121896 Thank you! I will be coming around often, so, hope to see you around also! :rainbowwild:

Hi Rainboom Dash, and welcome to Author Support! :yay:

My name is Sunny, and I am one of the admins of our group, so feel free to address any questions or concerns you may have to me :twilightsmile:

If you haven't already, make sure you read the group rules, and if you ever get lost check out the thread directory. You can also introduce yourself here.

There's a list of people willing to help you with your stories, or you can just go here to chat about anything that strikes your fancy.

We are always looking to improve the group, so follow the Author Support profile if you want updates on important news and new features.

Once again, welcome to the group, and I hope to see you around :pinkiehappy:

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