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Just a brony who likes a good fic now and then.

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Dang I missed it! We're back in second now...still impressive that we've been there as long as we have though!:pinkiehappy:

Don't know if you'll be on while it's there, but we just made top spot in the box mate! :rainbowwild:

Yes I do have different colored eyes, I consider it my best feature because it is my most interesting feature. Yeah we're pretty zany, especially AR whom I've been told I sound very similar to. I'm not in all of them, and he's way behind on uploading videos.
I also star in a hoof-full of episodes of the Lightning Round. My personal favorite being the lets watch of Double Rainbow:

...What did you come here for?
Also I just remembered about another OC I made when I applied for Aegis Shields ponybased DnD group...I didn't win but ah well. Back story isn't nearly as random and entertaining but the color scheme looks nice.

Also my many revised OC's name is actually Edragon. I came up with that on the day he was born(hatched?) the...whatever is in charge of changeling infants...was getting his name, WHEN A DRAGON ATTACKED! Whoever was coming up with the name shouted "EEE DRAGON!" and the ling who recorded the name wrote that down...
Well I think it's funny.:ajbemused:

Who am I talking to again?:rainbowlaugh:

622635 We were talking about your 12,000 times revised OC wait - you have different colored eyes?

RD would approve of this awesomeness.

You guys are hilarious. I'm going to keep listening to this. :moustache: What did I come here for again?

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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