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After discovering reading is pretty cool during a hospital stay, Rainbow Dash has a third random encounter with one of the Wonderbolts she doesn't know everything about: Soarin'. A series of comedic adventures leaves him owing her big time yet again, leading to a friendship that turns out to be one heck of a wild ride and a whole lot more.

Done reading? See Storm from Afar.

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Interesting, I think I will have to read this...

Liked. MOAR

This is pretty good! The quality of writing is very solid, and the plot promises to be interesting and realistic. I always wondered why RD wasn't invited to join, or in the Wonderbolts already, and your answer makes perfect sense. She does have some bad stage fright, even if she is an amazing flyer. Reminds me of what happens to my voice when I go to perform for a crowd... Anyway, this was a nice read, if a bit short. Thanks for not having Soarin just fall in love with her right off the bat. That's just kind of ridiculous, and even if he doesn't, a lot of fics say something along the lines of, "he felt a sensation in his chest as he saw her," etc. Can't wait to see where this is going. :ajsmug:

806870 Hey, thanks! It's been a long time since I've written anything, so the first two chapters are a bit short. I reread and started editing what I have already stamped out for 3 and 4, and they're actually pretty entertaining. I just have to resist posting them right away so I have time to work on future chapters. :rainbowdetermined2:

Awesome. I'm glad they get to start out as friends. :rainbowkiss:

Im soooo loving this story. Keep it up bro!

I AM starting to wonder why Dash never answered those letters tho :unsuresweetie:

834542 I'll only say this: So does Soarin'.
All in good time.

I loved this chapter!! :rainbowlaugh:

I agree, this chapter was awesome xD :rainbowkiss:

Excellent, a new chapter! :raritystarry: Can't wait for the next now!

This is great! Faving for future greatness.:pinkiehappy:

Cutie Mark Crusader Cutie Mark Crusaders go!!!! Great chapter but I can't see this going very well for Soarin' Dash. :trixieshiftright:

Floccinaucinihilipilification. I think I read that on a cereal box once. :rainbowwild:

By Soarin’ Dash. I see what you did there:rainbowwild: also that should be "bye" not 'by'

That was fast...how about the next chapter as well! :pinkiehappy:
No? oh, ok then....:fluttershysad: I can wait...though I don't want to:scootangel:

Well, this was interesting, to say the least.

gosh, I can't see this going smoothly for Dash at all :applejackconfused:

Great chapter though! The CMC were spot on, which is kinda rare these days. :scootangel:

I liked this chapter a lot! I thought those mares wanted more than an autograph! :rainbowlaugh:

Hehehehe, I was just thinking that this story was due to update, seems I was right, and what a great update it was. I must say Dash handled the situation much better than I thought she would, especially when handling the fans. And her narrating the journey Daring Doo style was very fitting:rainbowwild:
Now what's this about a "well-equipped entourage"? Is this the revenge prank? and how do donuts fit into all of it? I must know!

940899 I sort of laughed last week when I saw everyone thought she was going to mess it up royally.

And you will know! Next week. (:pinkiegasp: :fluttershbad: :raritydespair:)

Well I won't lie by saying I didn't expect, or perhaps hope to see, Dash to start going fangirl over the other wonderbolts...as Soarin...That would have been funny to explain later.
Rapidfire: "Hey Soarin what was with you gawking at me like some starstruck fan?":rainbowwild:
Soarin: "...wait what?":rainbowhuh:
Rapidfire: "Yeah you were acting like you were meeting your hero for the first time.":rainbowlaugh:
Soarin: "Daaaash...":facehoof:
(Funny how the Dash icons seemed to fit that best)
Well I look forward to the next chapter.

I too was wondering how Rarity would get around the predicament of having lied that Dashie was the Wonderbolt's trainer.

Dat doughnut. I was trying to go to sleep, but now I shall lie awake in agony, haunted by visions of toroidal pastries.

...need...doughnut...mmmmmmm...and...ohhhhhhhhh, so THAT'S who went into Pony Joe's shop last chapter...I thought that was Dash as Soarin. Well that makes much more sense now.
Private training for Dash, perfect!

Ohhhhhhhh, so THAT is what Dash did for the prank...forget my previous post of understanding, now I actually do...unless I'm wrong again...in which case pity me because I'm not getting it...:derpytongue2:
Anyway, another great chapter, you're building up the relationship perfectly in my mind, nice and slow but not stagnating and it still feels meaningful.
Whelp back to waiting for the next Thurs/Fri/Satur-day.

Good one! Soarin' is a stallion of pure wisdom. :moustache:

Favorite chapter so far :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Brilliant prank on RD's part, can't wait to read more :):rainbowlaugh:

This is by far the wost decision I've made... This week. OMG I laughed for so long :rainbowlaugh:

love this!!!!! waiting for an update o.o
great story! and funny too.

This story deserves more recognition. Very well done.

I eagerly await more.

Ooohoohoo, Soarin's got a super move of his own eh? This is going to be interesting. Once more I can't wait for the next chapter...speaking of which, where were you!? I was worrieddl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Redheart_gasp.png ...:rainbowwild:


Well... Oh, it's so hard to keep secrets! For now, I'll just say - shoot, I'll just say nothing, because the thing I'm working on has a lot of hours to be put into it before it will be ready. *clams up like Applejack*

Plus, I want to make sure every chapter is a good length and quality.

Oh you torture me with your secrets.:twilightangry2:
And the chapters are most certainly of excellent length and quality, I was sad when it didn't update last week.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_cry.png
Not to over-do the flattery or sound overly-obsessed but, I think this may be my favorite SoarinDash story...and I've read many.
Keep up the good work.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

I think this deserves more recognition too. I love your chapter names and the pace that you take your story at. Good job :D

Haha, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the support and, you know, reading this before it was the cool thing to do.

I've been reading this from the start, and it's probably the only fic revolving around Soarin'/Dash that I like (well, besides mine duh, but that's technically about their kid). It's a shame it hasn't been getting the attention it deserves. Perhaps if you updated moar~

me wants mooooooaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

And another story that ends up cheapening the Sonic Rainboom. Dash's biggest claim to fame in canon is that she's the only one who can break the sound barrier (or at least the only one who ever has), and it's always sad when it becomes this move that everyone with a decent pair of wings can manage. They called it 'legendary' and said it's 'just a myth', but it's neither one of those things if Equestria's most famous team of stunt-fliers can do it with such practiced ease.

unnnnnnmnmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SoarinDash is truely the only ship to sail!

1157102 I can understand why someone might be upset about this. Long story short, if you hate seeing ponies and creatures who can best Rainbow Dash every once in a while, this fic probably isn't for you, unless you like comedy. Then read it anyway.

My reasons for 'cheapening' the move are pretty straightforward. I'll list them in case anyone is interested.

1) I want to explore Rainbow Dash's full potential. This cannot be done if the Sonic Rainboom is the greatest thing she will ever accomplish.

2) If the Sonic Rainboom isn't the most ultimate pegasus move to ever exist, it helps me explain why Rainbow Dash isn't a Wonderbolt yet. I could make other reasons, but having truly awe-inspiring Wonderbolts makes the team worth joining. Of course, in this particular story the reason RD isn't a Wonderbolt yet extends into other areas that I won't say here. Soarin's got his hooves full bringing her up to speed.

3) Despite 1 and 2, in this fic it is not possible for any of the other characters to specifically do the Sonic Rainboom. The version of breaking the sound barrier is different for every pegasus that can break it depending on their abilities. For example, Soairn's equivalent move is Thunderwings. As an aside, the poor guy would be insulted to hear that any pony with a decent pair of wings can pull this off.

Note on Canon) The canon is pretty clear that the Sonic Rainboom is legendary and only happens :pinkiesmile: "when a pegasus like Rainbow Dash gets going so fast - BOOM - a sonic boom and rainbow can happen all at once" and :ajsmug: "Rainbow Dash is the only pony to ever pull it off." I chose to ignore all this, just like I may or may not choose to acknowledge the fact Pinkie Pie can rocket into the air and create fireworks worthy of a Wonderbolt.

That said, enjoy the latest chapter (10). Soarin' surprised me; that's all I'm going to say.

Nice that the next show is in Ponyville:rainbowdetermined2:

Are we going to get an explanation as to why Fluttershy attacked Soarin' next chapter?

Awesome! I can't wait to see the full effect of Soarins move in the show.
Was that actually Fluttershy who attacked Soarin?...if so...why?:rainbowhuh: Wait...are you...oooo so was this "day" the same day as Fluttershy's confidence lessons? I always love it when authors work in canon story elements and timelines.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra2.png

“What kind of pony would give you two tickets and expect you to pick who to come?”dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Soarin_dayum.png
Yeah who would do such a thing?:trollestia:

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