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As of 1/21/24, I've taken a peek at this account again. Oh the cringe you'll see.


Incase anyone is curious. · 9:17am January 21st

I'm betting that no one see's this unless they're looking down a rabbit hole. If you are, hello! Nice to see you, keep digging! If you actually got a notification from this or stumbled across it, how did you find me and why? Most importantly though, is the reason why this blog post exists.

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My Accounts And Other Things.

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I am doing a wings of fire and mlp adio drama if you want to now more check out my home page

No words can describe how annoyed I am right now.
But I love you anyways for coming here and taking the time to say that.

Thanks so very kindly for the fav on Legacy!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on Friendship and Space Magic. What could go wrong? :pinkiehappy:! I hope it continues to entertain:twilightsmile:.

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I blame my father for getting my addicted to this song at age 5 and how hearing it now made me so excited.