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Credit for the group banner goes to TGP-Stardust (The Grey Pegasus) on deviantArt.

Hello, soldier, welcome to Battlefield: Equestria. (Which is of no relation to the Battlefield video game series.)

This is the only text-based strategy game based around MLP:FiM on the entire internet. We create battle scenarios, and you test your skills in creating strategic solutions and try to come out victorious against the odds.

Through here, you can observe strategies and situations. Your proficiency in creating battle scenes will improve. Whenever you feel comfortable, feel free to join in on the discussions, whether that be the second you join or after a few days.

So sit back and enjoy watching the sparks fly, and join in yourself when you want to.

This is also a good place for generally a good read of just pure battle scenes. Have fun!

Important links:
Battle Scenario Unit Reference Guide: All official units used in the Battle Scenarios.
Battle Scenario List: All the battles written in Battlefield: Equestria. Updated as soon as possible.
(Outdated) Indexed Battle Scenario Unit Reference Guide: An indexed version of the guide above, due to the guide becoming difficult to read with its length. Outdated since the Official Guide is now indexed as well. However, older scenarios may use units found only in here.
Career Records: The Career Records of the members of Battlefield: Equestria
Units Discussion: For discussions about units in the Battle Scenarios.
Off-Topic Discussion: General discussions; group organizations, improvements, or mostly just off-topic.
The Pony Warfare Group: Where our roots started. If you are looking for a war story, this group is the best library for it, categorized by weapon era.

One last thing: We tend to be informal and loose around here, as well as just plain random. Except for Battle Scenarios. Those are srs business. Most of the time.

[Battlefield: Equestria is a province of The Domain. For Mother Empress and The Domain!]

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ah well. I was a bit distrusting of this "Domain" group that seems to be annexing things anyway. Guess there isn't much point in sticking around. Wish you guys luck.

372763 Kniggles went through his period. Now it's banned. :P

nah but really, I don't see it in the rules anywhere. How is it banned?

372760 Our time is past. The God of war has left us. Now we sleep and await his return.

Galley? Iron Galley is that you?

Dear Luna, what happened!? The battlefields are empty! The ancient war machines have gone cold! Equestria lies still as death takes her sleeping! What hellish catastrophe has befallen us all? Please, point me to the one who did this! Surely I could do something if only I knew where to start!

370727 It's all dead, Jimmy.

So I've been gone for a while... a LONG while, and I've heard tale of there being some sort of RPing ban or something? I don't see it in the rules so would someone care to elaborate?

pony vs pony. I don't know why this is a song for a game that has battles but here it is.

so is this the new theme song. :pinkiehappy:

357850 Good, gooooood, goood! :pinkiecrazy:

Now, to make it official I need to become an Admin here, but don't worry I won't fuck shit up here, eh. Just need to take care of something, eh. :twilightsmile:

357846 Of course. My Men (And women? I've never bothered asking any of my members, though I'm sure a large percentage are male) Are at your service.

As for myself, if you ever need any advice on tactics or strategy, you'll know where to find me.

May this be the start of a long and beautiful friendship between us.

Ave Imperatrix! (Hail the Empress!)

351867 It seems that this has been given to The Domain already, buuuuut to make it official....

351867 hey did i mess up somehow it wouldn't let me post my thread?

351867 thanks btw dwxl strategist.
empires complete victory without losing a single general.
coming soon....."the stalliongrad stand"

351863 Well, there really isn't an "official" format, because everyone likes to do things a little differently. I'd advise you to take a look at some of the previous scenarios and work from there.

309512 is there a format for gamess i want to try my hand at making one.

351786's all challenging scenarios indeed.

Perhaps one with humans as a playable faction, since I have the most experience with them.


List of Scenarios

Take your pic. :moustache: I am planning on making a new one, as well. :rainbowkiss:

PEASE I need a scenario! I'm suffering from withdrawal from strategy!

This group... It pleases me.

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