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War stories have been put down for being too dark for the fandom and that they kill the spirit of the show. Some even think that these stories should be condemned! To die alone without honor and glory to themselves!

This group shall change that.

Stories of war and great conflict shall be placed upon a mantle of solid gold and be declared worthy of the very gods themselves! The gods of war, Bishamonten and Hachiman demand it! Along with all other glorious people of military prowess!

Yet, that is only half of the battle...

The forums of fimfiction are plagued by random threads about politics, wars, morals you name it, it has it.

Some groups simply want to be spared of this nonsense...

Want to post something about politics? Go ahead!
Music? Sure!
Conspiracy theories? Why not?!
Religion? If you dare to!
Jokes and comedy?! Where would we be without it?!

And so these great subjects must be brought to this group, where they can be analyzed by people that truly know of what these subjects are about.

Come generals! Come political analysts! Come those of philosophy! Come those of science and intellectual capacity!

Come all of those that wish to be free to discuss subjects with those that are like minded and those who are of differing opinions!

Come all of fimfiction!

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Here's a subjection for a story Mongols. This is what ever you make of it I just want to see a great Khan with all four princesses bowing in front of him or her.

I'm looking for a Editor, If anyone wants to I'll take the help.



Course not, I mean, it's about a game titled total WAR. It passes with flying colors.

353077 would it be out of line for me to ask what people want the next total war game to be?

Comment posted by overworked_seal deleted Apr 1st, 2014






Anything about warfare will work, real life or not.

may we post allowing ourselves and others to tell tales of our great triumphs in games such as the total war series?


If it displays the horrors of war, or even the overall effects of it on a population then it should be good.

Can a story be added even if the battles don't occur till a long ways into it? The story in question does take place right after a huge - if brief - war, though.


That's the blitzkreig blood in action!

Fuck yeah!

Today was a good day...

351803 You honor me with your wits good sir
*bows before flying off on a eagle*

Some even think that these stories should be condemned! To die alone without honor and glory to themselves!

i'd like to see them try:pinkiecrazy:

Classy, you've accomplished so much in the little time you've been here on fimfiction. No wonder you're a General.

I admire you.:scootangel:


If it involves a conflict of interest which leads to violence then its good.

REPORTING FOR DUTY! SIR! *snaps into salute*

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