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LSTS Connor

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  • 4 weeks
    Sequel is out

    TA Noble’s Shadow
    The War is over, and peace reigns once again. But even the Angel of Las Pegasus knows that a new assignment is never far behind.
    LSTS Connor · 12k words  ·  178  3 · 1.4k views

    Reading it is probably a good idea :trollestia:

    2 comments · 135 views
  • 7 weeks
    The Crossover is here

    TMissing in Action
    A month after the Changeling-Pony War, the reincarnated Spartan Noble Six encounters a new changeling monarch in Equestria, named King Phasmatodea. But King Phasma brings more than just the fear of another war; he brings the ghosts of Six's past.
    LSTS Connor · 27k words  ·  329  8 · 1.8k views

    Reading it would be cool 😎

    1 comments · 187 views
  • 9 weeks
    Just gonna put this riiiiight here

    Within the week I hope to have two stories out. The collab with K.K Slider of changeing expectations and the sequel to A Noble Death.

    See you all then.

    10 comments · 494 views
  • 9 weeks
    Felt cute, might publish a story soon

    Mearly waiting on Coverart and myself to put the finishing touches on the first chapter aswell as the general long and short descriptions

    Oh and the other project written in conjuncture with K.K. Slider of Changing Expectations is merely waiting on the final edits before it can be published, expect to hopefully be able to read both of these before the new year or even christmas

    1 comments · 224 views
  • 17 weeks
    It’s been a long road, getting from there to here

    Its nearly time, to begin the publishing of the end. Come and join the discord where all the art and all the people that helped make Noble what it is today. Also our ferret Overlord, may his many mammals bless his art for giving us the first real art of Six.

    I hope to see you all soon in the comments of the final chapters of A Noble Death.

    4 comments · 239 views

Mobius and Redfang from A Noble Death

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Try now, should be fixed

Hey. Loving your stories thus far. Discord link is expired though

I tried your attacged discord link on your bio here. But it is not working for some reason.

Heya! Love your work! Keep it up!

Lol, a worthy cause. :rainbowwild:

Wish I could draw as good.

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