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We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M in the castle of the two sisters heck even I've read a bunch of them. They were always my favorite with a normal guy trying not to get blasted by rainbows for having the same body as some villain.

But never thought that could happen to me!

Now my hair is on fire, I'm most likely 6 years old and this castle I woke up in looks an awful lot like a certain one that located in the magical land of Equestria.

But that's only fiction right?

Well if there is one positive thing about this...I got to keep my hands.

(level 4 anthro)
Fantastic Cover art from my friend Sonata Dusk951 Send him some Love :heart:

Now with Editors HeBogin and The-Hidden-Fox :heart:

:yay:(IT HAPPENED AGAIN SQUEEEEEE 21/05/2020):yay:
:yay:(AGAIN WOOOO 23/05/2020):yay:

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Regina Wake and Karl Brenin used to be your average social outcasts who were always bullied just for the hell of it. They are always beaten up, belittled, and ignored by their parents, but they have always had each other's backs. Then on one fateful walk home they are attacked.

As they lie there one voice is heard telling them that this won't be their end.

At least not yet anyway.

When they awake they find themselves In snowy wasteland with a Crystal Spire over the horizon in completely new and confusing bodies. Follow in their adventure as they try to make something of themselves in this strange new world with inhabitants that tend to judge a book by its cover.

Huge thanks to Darkspyro951 for prereading and the new cover art. You're the best man :twilightsmile: send him some love :heart:

(Set after Alicorn Twilight but before Tirek)
(This is my first story and Tags may change as the story progresses. Feedback is greatly encouraged)
(Big thanks to AdrianBrony for telling me the source of my Cover art :twilightblush:)

Chapters (5)
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