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A foal walks up to his parents and asks:

How was the Crystal City built? The parents respond that, to the north, in the snow, there once lived a couple whose love knew no bounds. Then one day an evil sorcerer came and demanded the couple submit to his will. The couple rejected his offer and fought back. In the ensuing battle, only one stood, her husband dead and the sorcerer gone. The mare, heartbroken by the loss of her husband, tried to join him in the afterlife. But before the sorcerer left he placed a terrible curse upon the mare in revenge that she may never die unless she builds a city for her husband out of a small crystal that only forms every 100 years at the peak of the highest mountain of the land. And that when the mare has completed her task and the city is built the curse will be broken, and that she may be with her husband once again for every second of Eternity there ever was and ever will be.

This was basically a self-imposed one-day Oneshot challenge. So your milage may vary but please do enjoy the horse words I have provided :scootangel:

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Long ago in Far-away Lands
A Queen was Born, her ambitions grand.
Her Race was broken.
Their demise unspoken.

She saw this state.
And she began to contemplate.
She gathered her forces, her numbers small.
Her enemies fell, they were appalled.

Her faces were many.
Her voices were few.
She was the Empress of the Changelings
And their numbers needed no concealings.

Now she lies dormant under the sand.
Her Body Broken, her Empire nothing but a wasteland.
Now she waits day after day.
Waiting for her time to rule again someday.

Written in Collaboration with Darthball Give this Mfer some love :heart:

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Its cover is torn
Pages are ripped out
And its contents are almost all lost.

But what does remain tells the story of one Crimson Wire and his life during the Changeling-Pony war.

Written in collaboration with my boi Darthball
This is also Darthballs and LSTS Connor's submission for the 4th EAW Write Off

Inspired by This war of mine really good game go play it if you haven't.
Coverart taken and edited from the Contests announcement/forum post and the Logo of This war of mine

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Larry Foulke AKA: Solo Wing Pixy.

A man who fought through the Belkan War with his buddy Cipher the Demon Lord. The Pair of them fighting as hired Merc’s for the Nation of Ustio. It was supposed to be like any other contract for him, a way to make a living.

But instead he found a new reason to fight.

His own reason to fight.

And so on one fateful day, the buddies would fight. And the Demon Lord would emerge victorious, his buddy and friend crashing down onto the barren wasteland below. All that remained of his plane being a burning wreck.

But by his own words.
“I should have died that day, but I didn’t”

Crossover with Ace Combat Zero.
Tags will be added as story progresses

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A thousand years ago a battle took place. A battle so Powerful and Intense it did the impossible. Magic, a once unlimited Power found all over the Planet. Now reduced to an ever-dwindling underground resource. The World of Equis is now forever changed. The future once fated for Equestria filled with friendship and peace is now but a distant memory.

Now with war looming on the Horizon for the Pony nation and the stockpile of magic dwindles ever further, this is the story of how a pegasus filly would become known as the infamous and Legendary...


This is her tale, from a one of a kind filly with big dreams to the Silver terror of the Skies

Cover art

Welcome one and all to the beginning of LSTS Connor's and Darthballs first Collaboration.

Welcome to the First Story in our new Universe inspired by the Ace Combat games we love and Project Wingman (which we also love to death go play these games seriously) called:

Project Alicorn

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Steve creates the Equestrian equivalent of Pepper for a local establishment.
Things quickly get out of hand after that.

Just don't forget the golden rule and you'll be fine:

Never use Pepper without Salt unless skilled.

A complete shitpost.
You have been warned

I also wrote this in like 2 hours and I will never get those 2 hours of my life back now

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Spartan-B312 A.K.A Noble six. The unsung hero and the only other Soldier designated as 'Hyper-lethal' of the Human-Covenant War. Were it not for her actions on Reach, the events that lead to victory over the Covenant and Flood would never have happened.

But that victory had a cost heavy price with Noble team dead and Six left on Reach as the Pillar of Autumn made for orbit.

Alone against the Covenant she was doomed. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

For three whole days, she fought. For three whole nights, she struggled against the full might of the Covenant on Reach. And on the third and final day, she fell.

Exhausted, battered, and beaten she was finally overwhelmed and presumably killed from what the helmet cam footage shows, the only thing remaining of the Spartan after the glassing of Reach was a broken helmet. But even after that, there is one constant that is never broken.

Spartans never die...They just go missing in action.

Now armed with a new equine body and armor to boot in a barren wasteland resembling the one she had just left behind, Six's Journey hasn't ended yet.

Holy wow Featured within the first 6 hours
I-I have no words to express how happy this makes me

Halo: Reach Crossover (And yes my Noble Six is female)

Character tags shall be added as the story progresses

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We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M in the castle of the two sisters heck even I've read a bunch of them. They were always my favorite with a normal guy trying not to get blasted by rainbows for having the same body as some villain.

But never thought that could happen to me!

Now my hair is on fire, I'm most likely 6 years old and this castle I woke up in looks an awful lot like a certain one that located in the magical land of Equestria.

But that's only fiction right?

Well if there is one positive thing about this...I got to keep my hands.

(level 4 anthro)
Previous Cover art from my friend Sonata Dusk951 Send him some Love :heart:

Now with Editors HeBogin and The-Hidden-Fox :heart:

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The Frozen North, a barren, inhospitable land covered in Ice and Snow. A place where only the most adaptable and toughest creatures can live and thrive. And still mostly unexplored by ponykind. Their only bastion against the harsh cold being the Crystal city and the Crystal Heart contained within.

The Ponies who rule over this City call themselves royalty of their ‘Crystal Empire‘ 
An avid title when they rule over the only sentient beings this far North. But what they fail to realize is that their title is about to be revoked.

For there can only be one true Queen of the North.

One Queen of the Ice and Snow.

But what is a Queen without a King?

And now two strangers must work together to survive in these frozen mountains of the North. Their previous life was filled with nothing but pain and hardship. But will this one be any different? Only time will tell. For now, however, they must come to terms with their new bodies and how they will survive in this wasteland of Snow and Ice.

Tags will be added as the story progresses.

The Old Chapters are still here and if you want to read them use this Dropbox to view the original chapters
Big thanks to Darthball for helping out with the Chapters :heart:

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Huge thanks to Darkspyro951 for prereading and the new cover art. You're the best man :twilightsmile: send him some love :heart:

(Big thanks to AdrianBrony for telling me the source of my Cover art :twilightblush:)

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