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Steve creates the Equestrian equivalent of Pepper for a local establishment.
Things quickly get out of hand after that.

Just don't forget the golden rule and you'll be fine:

Never use Pepper without Salt unless skilled.

A complete shitpost.
You have been warned

I also wrote this in like 2 hours and I will never get those 2 hours of my life back now

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This story is 4 parallel universes ahead of me and I don't like it.

gimme a sec making this the theme music for this story

A little funny, but kinda "Meh" as far as shitposting goes, as there doesn't seem to be an actual punchline.

twas never meant to be a good shitpost XD

“Not yet unfortunately but business is booming! That Pepper you made. The customers can’t get enough of it! It’s gotten to the point that no matter what dish they ask for they always want pepper on it. I even saw somepony order a Vanilla Icecream with Pepper! Can you believe that?” Answered Pepper with a giggle.

She changed her name to Pepper mid-sentence?

that was... interesting.

I love stupid shit like this. :rainbowlaugh:

"uh... no your honour, i did not sell that stallion some pepper.

whatya mean i got his kids hooked on it? hes just a bad influence on his kids.

yes yes, i swear on your helmet of honesty or whatever." anon steve said two weeks later at his court hearing.

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