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For newcomers and oldies alike, everyone wants a chance to be noticed. Here, a folder will be made for you, for you to put your stories in, and well...be known!


1) You must PM one of the Moderators and request a folder, with the amount of followers you currently have, in order to receive one. You will not be given one just because you join. We know some people are just joining just for the reads. Also, these folders are for members of the group only.

1.2) Also from now on due to the new folder format when you do PM one of Admins/Moderators include the number of followers you have, that way we know where to put your folder. Thus keeping everything nice and organized.

1.3) And if you happen to get more followers than you had when you first joined (ex. you went from 10 to 25) please PM one of Admins/Moderators to move you up to the appropriate parent folder. Same applies if you go down in followers.

1.4) If your name changes, let us know, as well, so we can rename your folder appropriately. This is to protect you. If we see a story that's made by the author (you) and your name has changed, and the folder name obviously hasn't, we will assume that someone is putting stories into the wrong folder and the stories will be either removed, or the entire folder deleted.

1.5) If you request a folder, and don't place a story in it, it will be deleted. We get it. People are busy, so we will give you a week to post a story in it. If you don't it will be taken down.

2) No spamming or attacking authors, and the contents of their folders. That includes putting your stories in folders that don't belong. Helpful criticism is allowed, but no blatant trolling. (1st offense: your folder will be locked. 2nd Offense: Your folder will be removed from the group. 3rd Offense: YOU will be removed from the group. Permanently).

3) If you don't have any stories to post, we will not give you a folder.

4) That's all I got. So....yeah.


Zanem-Ji (Your Lesbian Overlord!) (Temporarily Unavailable)

Deus Umbra


Free Shavacado

Malozi Note: Insane, but very active.

Distorted Flare




Lord Despair

Shadowmane PX-41


Contest winners
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/266875/a-lovely-night by MLPLover852

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_____A PM is a Private Message or a Personal Message. Basically the messages you get in the mail system on this site.
_____If you PM one of us moderators, I'm sure we'd be happy to give you one.

I'd like a folder

I don't know what is PM.

_____Yeah, I saw the date and I saw you had a folder way after I replied to your comment. Lulz.

Nevermind actually, already got an response! A few weeks ago

_____In what way? What are you waiting on a response for? A folder question, perhaps?

So how long should I wait until I get a response? and btw looking forward to this group (:

Flight tells the story of a pegasus rebellion against the oppressive batpony regime. As an allegory, it delves into the nature of depression, trust, truth, and revelation. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

I don't know you or anything about you, but good to have you back, then!

Man it is good to be back!

I am not good at introductions so well... Nice to meet you guys :3

PM a Mod like me next time when your name changes.

Um, my name changed so can someone change my folder name too, please? I was formerly called OtakuPegasister.

I got mine after one sleep.

wait a moment are we allowed to put NSFW stories in here? I dont want to break any rules

EDIT: oh i guess we are then

We (this group) shall live forever!

Unless it somehow gets deleted. Then... uh, yeah we'd kind of have to start from scratch or it's just gone forever.

410550 I don't think so. Not all that long ago I contacted the head admin when I moved up in followers and my folder was moved and I continue to add my works as I create them.

Comment posted by Boop-Happy Lass deleted Apr 26th, 2016

The photographers in the banner are picturing the group image. Am I the only one who about that?

  • Viewing 73 - 92 of 92