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That proves nothing!

Some Details About Malozi

_____If you follow me just because I followed you, I will retract my follow immediately. Though I honestly doubt that will happen. If you are confused why this is and have questions... listen I just have a weird system, alright?
_____I'm a really laid-back guy. Like, really laid-back. Say whatever you want, I'm not going to get offended, since I take the 'sticks and stones' thing a bit too literally. But, if you somehow manage to piss me off, congratulations. You are truly an even greater asshole than I am.
_____Never, at any point in time, will I dislike or remove a comment on any of my stories or my user-page unless it is for absolutely necessary and obvious reasons. Or a blog.
_____If I start reading a story (probably yours) past the first second chapter, (I've been seeing stories that are interesting at first, and then immediately lose interest after the second chapter) I am obligated to finish it in its current entirety, no matter whether or not I like it. No exceptions. Unless it's deleted while I'm reading it. Then it's an exception.
_____I swear.... A lot.
_____I'm unintentionally a weird asshole.
_____I speak and understand things in very literal terms, though I try my best otherwise. Just be direct with me and you will avoid being frustrated.
_____I HATE odd numbers except for anything ending in five and the number 1. After all, coming in first place is good, right? That's gold. Only thing better than that is zeroth place, which means you get platinum!
_____This irrational hatred burns ever so brighter when I see the number thirteen.
_____I ramble.
_____I don't understand how a meme can be moist.
_____I don't care what you say. This # is not a hashtag. It's a fucking number or pound sign and you cannot convince me otherwise.
_____"The Gods Made Heavy Metal And They Saw That It Was Good!
_____They Said To Play It Louder Than Hell!"—Manowar
_____If my messages, etc. aren't indented, it means I'm on my phone. Which means I think it important enough to dedicate some time to you. Maybe. Or the situation is important enough. Whatever.
_____Seriously. I'm not a nice person. It's not intentional, but I'm just an asshole by accident.

_____And so much more. But you can ask me that directly.


So I won't be as active anymore. · 1:42am Mar 2nd, 2022

I have some IRL troubles to deal with, I will pop in every once and a while, but if you need to contact me, I can't guarantee that I'll get back to you in a timely manner. I am sorry.

Long story short; I could potentially lose my home.

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Let's Make You Known!

If you are aware of this group then I have some wonderful news for all of you, me in particular. I am now an admin for that group and just like the promise I made to Zanem-Ji (our founder and glorious overlord in that group) on one fateful day.

I'll be the most active and bestest admin [she] ever [has]!

So yeah, if you join that group, and you want a folder, just follow the rules of said group (stated in the link that I provided) by sending me a PM, with the number of followers and it WILL be done. If you need to move your folder to the correct folder? It WILL be done!
So, with that said, let's get out there and make you known!

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Well, I'm glad you were able to read Dream Vacation. I hope you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

_____Really glad I eventually saw this. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi there! It's been some time... How have you been?

Would you please change my folder in the "Let's Make You Known!" group? I have 164 followers now.

Thank you.:twilightsmile:

Nice bio! Always good to meet a fellow of lost marbles! :twilightsmile:


_____It's not, PM means private message, which is definitely what this comment is not because anyone can see this shit, but whatever, it's fine. I don't particularly care if they do, if you mind that they do, that is.
_____I don't recommend writing on any kind of mental condition until you research anything about it or ask someone who has to live with said mental condition. You're more or less right about the OCD thing. It's not official, but I do have aspects of my life where it's kind of a thing. I'll have to read that sociopath story and I'd be totes down to help or advise on certain types of mental conditions. Writing sociopathic heroes or protagonists is particularly fun, I'll admit.
_____Yes, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Or not. Or maybe. You never know.

I think you and me are going to get along just fine, mainly because I wonder if you have some form of OCD and I have an unusual curiosity regarding mental conditions (and yet I've yet to write a story or make a work unrelated to FIMFiction that has one or more of the characters have some type of mental condition, unless sociopathy counts, in that case, I have written several sociopathic villains with one of them being in a story I wrote on FIMFiction). Anyways, this is getting a bit too personal and if you make things personal too early, you make things awkward, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. I have no idea how to PM people and if this turns out to be PMing, I must be some kind of savant (actually I'm not, I'm too high-functioning to be a savant) and I would like my own folder in the Let's Make You Known group. I currently have 4 followers so my folder should be in the >5-followers folder (although feel free to change that if I suddenly get another one). If you could do that for me, that would be great.

Unrelated topic but, as I said, I think you and I are going to get along just fine: I've been looking at the descriptions for your stories while writing and I must say, most of them have a premise as quirky as you are (in a good way, of course) so you, my friend, have just earned yourself a follower (which I hope bumps the number of followers up to an even number because otherwise I really should stop typing long paragraphs, especially when mildly drunk on Kopperberg cider).



Thanks, I hope you enjoy the other things you check out.

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Stories And Story Ideas · 1:07am Apr 14th, 2016

_____You know what, I wanted to make that title longer, but then it would have become a ramble and then I realized that that probably should've been saved for the actual blog post because the title isn't the blog post, that's what the blog post is for, right? Right. I mean, that was completely a run-on sentence and I suppose that I don't care... I made it work, but still!

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Malozi and his rules about following. · 1:57am Jan 4th, 2017

_____I have a very specific criteria for following people that I kept meaning to get to. So I may as well do it already. I'll start off with preferences first.

_____1. I like and prefer it that people follow me because they like me or because they like reading my stories. I won't complain, but I like to earn my followers. Who can't say that feels nice to have someone say they followed you because they liked your story/stories?

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