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The Four Foxes got Featured! · 10:09pm Jun 28th, 2018

Hey, everyone. I know this is a bit late but, for a brief moment, The Four Foxes were in the featured list!

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I understand, the game is addictive, but darn it, that rubber horse cartoon art style is so pretty to look at:twilightsmile:

It's so frustrating! But I can't stop until I complete at least one more level!

I believe that:twilightsmile:, I've seen people like: Jacksepticeye and Markiplier almost pull out their hair from the frustration of dying almost at the end of a level

Well let me tell you, it is A LOT harder than it looks. Even when you're 95% done with a level, if you die you have to start the whole thing all over again.

Glad you enjoyed it:twilightsmile:, and the funny thing is I've never played Cuphead, at all:pinkiehappy: I've only watched let's plays of it on YouTube

  • Viewing 252 - 256 of 256
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