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A place for stories focused on families, their joys, their sorrows, and the love they share.

For stories about families...






1) Don’t break site rules. Should be obvious. Don’t post links to mature stories in groups that aren't NSFW or post NSFW pictures. Also, don’t post full episodes or movies.
2) Let’s keep stories somewhat on topic. Stories about family is pretty broad, but the group is focused on family member interactions.
3) Don’t spam.
4) Don’t spoil. You can discuss the latest episode, but tag the title and thread content. We all can read, so as long as you tag the post, it’s incumbent upon the reader to not give into their curiosity.
5) Be considerate. This is not the place to bash fellow members. Critical reviews of stories are acceptable, but don’t just tell somebody that their story sucks. At least tell them why you didn’t like it.
6) Post stories in the appropriate folder. Especially if it has Mature content, post it there.
7) Be reasonable in self promotion. We don’t want to hear for the umteenth time about this amazing story you wrote four years ago. Moderator(s) decide if you've promoted too much.
8) Make suggestions if you think it will improve the group. If you think we need a new folder, or a new banner, let the moderator(s) know.
9) Remember your common sense.
10) Have fun! Isn’t that why we’re all here?

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I really love family stories, and I'll make sure to add stories that I like to this.

Alright then. Let's see how this goes.

I was hoping this group was about the quest of the same name in the Witcher three.

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