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:flutterrage: Atten-HUT!

Private Pansy, FORWARD! Co-founder of the Equestrian nation, cowardly private, unreasonably loyal follower of her possibly insane commanding officer, and fellow creator of the Fires of Friendship! (Albeit largely by admitting she really, really, really, really, really dislikes Commander Hurricane, but we'll let that pass.)

If you stand by this pegasus, if you stand by this pioneer, if you stand by this protector of the peace, if you stand by this... this... well, this utter pansy, to be brutally honest... then join us and fight for your fanon. Send in the fics. Let not the fires of friendship go out for this humble heroine.

You know the drill. Site rules: active. Common courtesy: standard procedure. Bad behaviour: remains a court-martial offence. Use your noggins, you horrible lot. This is a Pansy Fan Club, not a warzone.

All right, troops. Briefing over. Salute Private Pansy! Go forth, and engage the enemy... but nicely.

:flutterrage: NOW! Aboooouuuut TURN! For-WAAAAARD... MARCH!

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