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The Poetic Frost makes mistakes so that you don't have to. "Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!"

Obligatory Fallout: Equestria Esque Side Story

Haikus With A Chance Of Blizzards

Best pony: Applejack
Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle
Cutest pony: Fluttershy
Coolest and fastest pony: Rainbow Dash
Most beautiful pony: Rarity
Best Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie

That concludes my opinions regarding the primary six.

Best Princess: Cadance
Favorite Princess: Celestia
Most respectable Princess: Luna

P.S. Nyx is best OC.

I'm the Poetic Frost.
I make mistakes so you don't have to.

Edit: So I took a Harry Potter House sorting quiz.

I'm not even surprised.


Breath and Pulse · 2:52am May 5th, 2023

I am still alive
For whatever that is worth
Take care of yourselves.

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Latest Stories

Official/Unofficial rules for my Death Battle Parody

(Moved to its own module to avoid losing it the next time I write a new blog.)

Even though this was only asked by a few followers of TMNPWWF(ADBP), it's probably best if I post this for the benefit of everyone that's interested.
(Exceptions to the following rules will be discussed in "Specifics for Side Battles".)
1. Death Battles are to be treated as simulations. The "real" characters will not be affected in their canon based on how their facts line up and are compared during their matchup in their fights.

2. For my fic in particular, one side must exist canonically in the MLP:FIM television show. This is to ensure that my story is an MLP-related.

3. I strongly recommend having the full pairings laid out when you send in suggestions. If not, then the chances of actually seeing your *ahem* "favorite" character duke it out in the arena are slim to none. For example, suggesting Master Chief as one opponent but not suggesting an MLP character for him to fight against means that you will not see Master Chief in a future battle.

4. Unless specifically stated otherwise, I will be focusing on the character's canonical powers. I will not give any character powers that were only described in so-and-so or someone else's fanfic. For example, even if Applejack has honesty-based magical powers written in a specific fic but those same powers have not been presented in the show, I will not give her those powers (as much as I would really want to).

Specifics for Side Battles
1. This is the only type of chapter where powers will be given to a character based on what was written in a fanfic. However, if you make a suggestion with a fanfic character, you must specify which fanfic they are from. For the sake of keeping my sanity things fair, they need to be consistent with where they came from. For instance, if one fic writes Rainbow Dash wielding a light saber and a separate fic writes her with changeling powers, I will not give her both when writing out the chapter. It's as true for this as it is for research papers: Narrow your focus.

2. Please, please, please include a summary/synopsis/overview about your (or someone else's) fan-made character or OC. I really can't be bothered to read through 75 chapters of 10,000+ words each just to find out everything about that one character you're talking about. (An exaggerated example, I know, but you understand my point. Right?)

I guess that's all for now. I'll probably edit this later if someone has any questions about specifics.

An unofficial statement, that's not really a rule, is that I'll be avoiding using anything that was specific to the MLP comics' canon. Part of the reason is because I haven't read them all there are too many shoutouts to other media that kind of muddle what was actually in the show.
Specifications for Lightning Round
-All bets are off here. My only rule is that if you want to suggest something for this, there will be a minimal glance over the source material for powers, weapons, and abilities for the sake of visualizing a battle. If I can't imagine it, I can't write it. It's that simple.

*I reserve the right to refuse any suggestions. Repeatedly suggesting the exact same match-up multiple times will not make it happen any sooner. In fact, it'll more likely result in the suggested match-up to never happen. For both of our sake, do not spam the comment section of the fic or my user page. Thank you.

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I did the quiz on your thing and I got Hufflepuff.

Rough translation: "sleeve of white snow".

What does sode no shirayuki mean in English?

Thanks for the fav!

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