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Hello and welcome to the Kingdom Hearts group! Here you can post KH fictions, chat with others about it, and basically do whatever you'd like.

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Hey everyone, just posted my first story on here and a few other groups, please share your thoughts on it as they come to you guys. Here's the link: The Chronicle of The Hidden Key

Comment posted by sakuralovelight deleted Oct 12th, 2016

I see you guys enjoy me being in the Mane 6 huh?

Oh my Celestia... ponies with Kingdom Hearts?!


Hardly anyone seems to really remember or know the game anymore.

since this is kh, does anyone cosplay kh?

and now that your activity was restored, that name no longer exists.
shame really...

Long ago. When my name was different.

I see what you did there.

Awesome to see a group for KH and MLP:FIM :D

380533 I heard that!:trollestia: Don't worry Princess, your secret's safe with me

Shhh. This will be our little secret. But we LOVE KingdomHearts.

hey guys if one day there going to be a crossover of kingdom heart and my little pony would you like to hear sora sing and no like like the musical level in kingdom hearts 2 i mean actually songs my little pony style?

Comment posted by timbo8 deleted Sep 4th, 2014

Hi! I am new to this group and i hope you guys will be nice. Though you seem nice..anyways im a HUGE kingdom hearts and anime an cosplay fan. I consider myself a cosplay and anime freak, thats how much i love it! My most favorite characters are Xion, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Naminé, and Axel. :) i have the recoded ds game. I have two t-shirts, silly bands, and a keychain necklace thingy thats all kingdom hearts.

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