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1) If you submit a story, it has to be about Equestria and Final Fantasy (usage of characters, spell arcs, etc) NSFW stories are allowed, but again it has to do with the stuff already specified
2) NO, ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING! Post one thing at a time, please! I, the founder, have a very strict schedule to keep up with!
3) If you have nothing nice to say about a story, make it at least sound constructive. Otherwise, keep it to yourself!
4) All stories will be checked for the above criteria (read: Rule 1)!
6) RP and NSFW images are permabanned. If you do either, you get three strikes. Sorry, we have to abide by site rules here.

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I made the first chapter of a Final Fantasy mlp story related to this.:pinkiehappy:

Just found my story in this group, and I gotta admit, I like this set up already!

342171 Damn. You'd think Irvine Kineas or Zell Dincht in Equestria Stories would've been a thing by now. Irvine being an unconventional Sniper(he chokes more often than not) and Zell, the uh..."Chicken Wuss". Or at LEAST Laguna.

Anyone seen any Zell Dincht Stories yet?

With this theme, a fantasy was born...The last hope of a struggling creator....
It was not an end..but, rather, a beginning....a beginning to legends that go far beyond what anyone thought it would...

This is that fantasy.

This is..Final Fantasy..

And, for the second time in a handful of weeks, I find my story added to a group that I otherwise didn't know existed...

I ain't even mad! :eeyup:

Please check out my Fic and let me know what you all think of it, I will be adding more to it later, I am a fan of both Genres, and I thank you for adding my story to your group, I hope I do not disappoint you all with it

325033 :D

325107 *cues Mind Heist* GET TO THE KEYBOARD! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh wow, my fic got added to a group. Jeez, guess I better get writing!

Final be awesome

324862 Anytime.

Felt it was needed to create a group for those people since there was none to be had before I did it for fimfiction. :twilightsmile:

Oh hey, I was just beginning to think I was one of the only fans of Final Fantasy around these neck of the woods. Glad to see a group of like-minded individuals. :pinkiehappy:

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