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Blazewing Inferno

I'm a fan of MLP, LEGO, Disney and a fair few other franchises. I want to try out writing my own story and am learning as I go.

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An idea I got from a recent episode · 9:33pm Sep 2nd, 2018

I was watching the new episode Sound of Silence on YouTube and saw the new Kirin and Nirek species and was ecstatic to see them. Folks who I have talked with on here about my story ideas know my OC is a fire wielder and this species has Pyrokinesis as a standard ability and have some other unicorn abilities as well along with nature magic.

A question I have for you folks is this: should I redesign Blazewing Inferno, the character, to be some sort of Kirin/Nirik species character?

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Thanks for the fave!

May I have a link to it, please? I'd greatly like to give it a read.

The latest chapter of my Kingdom Hearts series was posted a few days ago in case you wanted a update.

Ah, the hilarity of different time zones. They are confusing but fun.

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