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Just a normal muslim 13 year old Fandom-Fangirl trying to write some stories at the moment. Oh yeah, I also like Yandere Simulator as you can tell from my name. :P Yandere Chan X male Senpai is my OTP

*bio under construction*

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Hey, Yandere-chan! :D

Don't worry; I'm not interested in your Senpai. I wish you the best of luck! :3

Thanks for joining Fluttermom! We are all really excited that you have decided to join. If you have any thoughts or suggestions to improve our group, don't hesitate to say so in the comments or send a message directly to one of our Admins.
Now here's Pinkie Pie with your "Welcome Wagon"

I couldn't help but to notice you are in a few of my groups so I just wanted to say...


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