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Stories with obsessive, clingy, stalkery, or just plain crazy ponies who want, or need the D.

Mostly, but not limited to, Human in Equestria. All ends of the Yandere spectrum are welcome.

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4 years from now, that is still funny XD

soooo this is intresting XD

guys how do i add a new story here?
if no one wants to help me at least add this to the library

402672 8=======================D

what can i say? i'm a sucker for cute creepy murderous stalker girls :pinkiecrazy:

Heheehe. ... 8-D

399268 >implying i actually like twilight

399267 Yes, you must trust the Urban Dictionary on everything. It can even tell you why Twilight is the worst.

I'm surprised there isn't a Mirai Nikki version of a MLP FIMFiction.

That anime was both fucked up yandere and good at the same time.

Definition of yandere:
Contrary to the popular belief that it is the opposite of tsundere, it describes an anime character who is either psychotic or violent or both, and shows affection to the main character. Became a popular moe genre after the airing of the last episode of School Days.

Example of its usage:
I wish there was a yandere girl who would love me so much she'll want to cleave my head with a hatchet.

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