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Love. Such a wonderful and powerful emotion. It is a universal concept, yet so misunderstood. It eludes most, and yet, it's presence inspires strength beyond the limitation of this world. Love for friends, family, and of course, your true love. It drives some people to do the most insane things ever possible in the name of love. It can make the smartest men bumbling idiots and make the most noble of women the most foolish dreamers of all.

It's hilarious from this side of the screen.

Whether or not you believe in romance doesn't matter as much in this club, as much as what is the funniest way you can make a character react to it. Put in the situation, the jokes write themselves. So come on, fellow cynics and hypocrites, join the laugh at something that alludes almost everyone. Their can be happy endings, somber endings, or really happy endings. Does not need to have comedy tag.
You may put things in up to TWO folders. No more. Also, for those stories filled descriptive clop, post them in there, no where else. I WILL check. On the plus side, anybody can post, so go ahead. Contribute.

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You can post some stories of you're choosing for now, but I'll check them and will keep checking them. :ajbemused:

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