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Carl on Duty

Don't mind Carl. He does meth. Like, SO MUCH meth. -Officer Hot Pants

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Still Alive! · 8:34am May 10th, 2022

Just caught covid tho so we'll see how long that lasts :rainbowlaugh:

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who the heck am i?

it just occured to me that my bio is......really old :/

I would have a bio, but I am afraid that i'm not very interesting :/

Is what I would say if I gave a crap about what anyone thought!!! :trollestia:

Age: 69
gender: male
height: 2tall4you
hair color: blonde
eye color: blue
Hobby: writing stuff/ browsing the internet
sports: E-sports, basketball and cricket.
favorite foods: Uh....all of them.....
favorite bands: Sabaton, Linkin park, Breaking Benjamin, Coldplay, Skillet, Nickelback, Gloryhammer and A7X
Friends: pretty much everyone from TGDTTGDTDWWWWWW...unless otherwise said so. (you know who you are! D:< )
personality: Laid back and puts friends first. Not a bad person to know after I get used to you...

stays up till 1-2 (I average at 12 now! :D ), wakes up at 11-12....I don't like to but it seems that's just how it is.

And I will answer every single question someone asks me ( don't tell Lilith the site stalker)

^ this is old and practically irrelevant.... has anyone even seen Lilith since 2013?!

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Do do list
[ ]have people tell me that I am ok at writing and don't suck
[X]get 10+ followers
[X] get 25+ followers
[X] get 50+ followers
[X] get 75+ followers
[X] get 100+ followers
[ ] get 250+ followers
[ ] get 500+ followers
[ ] get 750+ followers
[ ] get 1000+ followers or take over da world
[ ] get a story featured
[X] get a well known author to follow me
[X] be on the site for 1 year
[X] be on the site for 2 years
[X] be on the site for 3 years and the foreseeable future (wow, can't believe it's been so long)

favorite brony songs
pegasus device-SlyphStorm

Writers I edit or have edited for