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Terry McGinnis: Average high school student and the Batman of the 21st century. He's fought many foes like Shreik and Inque, but never has he been sent to an alternate universe known as Equestria.
Now the dark knight is set with the ultimate test: to find a way to return back to his home in Gotham City.
And to defeat an unstoppable enemy.

<*Special thanks to The Valeyard and the brony gamer for being the editors!*>
Batman Beyond (c) Warner Bros. Animation
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro

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I was never a fan of Batman Beyond....but this is awesome! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Batman Beyond my good friend. But I'm happy that you like it.:twilightsmile:
Issue #1 will be up in a couple days.

3036757 I fixed it. But also :yay:

Sun of a-! This better get as good as I have read alrealy!

Don't see a lot Batman Beyond stuff so good on you. Only saw a little of the show myself most of my exposure being the move The Return of the Joker, that movie is both awesome and horrifying at the same time... an I love it so. :pinkiehappy:

Great story. Looking forward to reading more.

played this all the way through the chapter

I was never really a fan of Batman Beyond, but this story is just awesomely amazing. I can't wait for Issue #1:pinkiehappy:

Batman Beyond is a pussy but I love this fic!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

I'm glad someone has done something with batman beyond
the fact that it's been written well is just iceing on the cake

So far I'm really liking this! Great job! :twilightsmile:

You had my attention, but now you have my interest.

Love the setup so far, and :yay: for saving the most adorable peagseus ever! I'll be anticipating your next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

YES!!!! this look great. More :flutterrage:

Well... shoot. I was just writing a fiction about Batman Beyond in Equestria, and then this comes out... Still, it's a pretty good read. I'll keep an eye on where this one goes! :twilightsmile:

N-Now calm down! Breathe in..... Then breathe out....
Issue #1 will be up in a couple days. Earliest is tomorrow or Thursday. :twilightsmile:

BAtman beyound fanfic with terry finally!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Hopefully they can come to an agreement before shit hits the fanweblife.org/humanure/images/shitflying.jpg

Mane 6 are fucked. :applejackconfused: :pinkiesick: :fluttercry: :rainbowderp: :raritycry: :twilightoops:

interesting so far but those sound effects that you write out i find harm your story, they constantly draw my eyes and i often fin myself skipping past a lot of text because of them, especially during the fights, please try to describe whats going on rather than just using sounds

Sorry. I was just trying something new to see how people like it. So far you're the only one that commented on it.
But thanks for the feedback my good sir! :twilightsmile:

There's a lot of errors, too many that I don't feel like pointing them all out. It's a little distracting during reading.

Having said that, the premise is decent enough. I don't usually fave a fic and really read into it this early though. I'll wait a few chapters. See where it goes. Get a beta, if you can. The issues that you have are minor, and mostly grammatical in nature, but they're off-putting nonetheless, and the pickier people of this site won't bother reading it if it has too many errors that are too easily visible.

I think you made Terry a little too lethal. Also a little bit lacking in perception. You should remember that he is trained by batman so stealth, perception and non-lethal are his forte even though he doesn't have the cognitive abilities of Bruce.

So in hind sight, Terry should have at least recognized the police ponies as the law force. He should also either excaped outright, losing his trackers or fought against them in a more non-lethal way, like taking down unicorn without cutting its horn and etc.

In my opinion first chapter was great work, though Terry was little underpowered. Second chapter, though again good work, really makes Terry too underpowered.

But you must remember, Terry is new to Equestria so he didn't know that the horn was what it was. So him cutting off the stallions horn was basically an accident. Future chapters I'll explain that but just a heads up :twilightsmile:
I'm aware that I think Issue #0 has a couple grammer shenanigans. That was actually my fault because I was going through stress while making that. So I apologize for that.
But thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the future issues to come!:twilightsmile:


Alright, you are right on that point though my case still stands.

Mane six vs Batman place your bets!

If it makes you feel better my good sir, I was going to make him occidentally break one of the stallion's legs due to his suits strength but I took it out because I felt that would kind of be too lethal...
But I will keep note of lethality with the coming chapters. Especially the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Interesting story, and following, though i think Fluttershy would try to talk with her friends ( hard feat being so quiet and shy ) but sure she wouldn't want more fight to happen, which will happen, but before anyone get serriusly hurt. As for the unicorn.. i hope Terry didn't made a permanent damage, would be quite BAD start.

Gonna have to slightly agree with the under powered bit. There's no way a regular police pony swinging Terry's batarang could conceivably push Terry back, much less actually slice the suit. Unless your trying for Terry being off balance due to fighting a new species for the 1st time? I do believe you've done a great job of capturing his personality though. Good luck on the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

If a batarang can slice through a unicorns horn, it could slightly damage the suit. As for pushing him back, Terry was backing away because the unicorn was technically crazy at this point. So he had to get into a defence stance.
Hope you enjoy the chapters to come!:twilightsmile:

*Finally see's a good batman beyond crossover*

Happy to see that you like it! There's more where that came from, you just have to wait!:twilightsmile:

How fast are you making Terry's top speed since I don't think it was ever specified but some people say that his suit can reach supersonic speeds since Terry has been shown to avoid Shriek's sonic-waves but they also say its probably just him dodging really well.

Fluttershy kicked the stallion away and began to run deeper into the alley. The sound of a second set of hooves made her run faster. She twisted and turned down alleys, almost slipping on a shattered bottle of alcohol. But her chase was soon cut short when the petite mare ran into a dead end.

Was Fluttershy so scared that she forgot her wings?

As far as the story goes, I must say that it is interesting so far. I am guessing at some point the whole "don't judge a book by its cover" thing is gong to show up. I am guessing that Terry is somewhat older than he was before in the show and more experienced, so if the fight does happen he can hold his own and even win. Unless the damaged suit makes it hard in which case is the only excuse I can think of for him to loose. Hope to see more soon.

Instant hostility from ponies? Check. A defenseless Fluttershy? Check. The Elements of Harmony just happening to assume that Fluttershy was being attacked? Check. I am not liking where this is going...


he's a little underpowered though

Hmmm, this story has great promise, so I'll keep my eyes out. Can't wait to see how this massive misunderstanding play out...

Fun fact: Superman is actually weak to magic!

I like it.

The bright moon bathed the dark city in its while glow, thick clouds covering the dark sky.

White. And can we see the moon if it's cloudy? And "bathed in light" makes it sound like the only light source. Like a November moon washing over a mountain.

Also, anyone know what's with all the hygiene/light connections?

The city lights made the dark city bright with life.

"Bright with life" sounds like Paris. Or New York. Not exactly a "dark city".

Cars and trucks drove down the busy streets. Highways that were elevated off the ground were swarmed with cars filled with people getting home for the night. The Gotham trains were still operational even at night. The large silver trains trudged on the metal tracks that were over the city streets.

Thank you for the infrastructure report, but you forgot to explain the sewers still run even on Sundays.

Even at night, the city was still alive.

I know of very few "dead" cities, and they're all in Russia.

And so was the crime.


Naw, that was a cheap shot. Batman's about being corny sometimes.

I'd continue this format for the rest of the story, but here are a few highlights:

No crime could not be committed without the knight of Gotham putting an end to it.

"Eh... maybe I won't mug this old lady." *SWOOP* "How am I suddenly holding her purse? At least I didn't kill her!" *SWOOP*

The man all winced as their guns exploded in their hands.

"Should I bring the old .44, or one of those new explodoguns to work today? .44....Explodogun... .44... Explodogun... decisions, decisions..."

Man, not every crossover has to be made, and the whole "magic portal" connection is like a poor combover: it never looked good, and you're not fooling anybody into thinking you're ironic.

So let me ask, with absolutely no sarcasm or irony or whatever, why did you start this? What insight could be gained from throwing a dark, brooding technology-laden teenager into a world of magic, ponies and friendship, besides everyday self-insert reasons?

Second chapter and I already know how this story will go. Batman and the Mane Six will fight, Fluttershy will step and end it and Terry will explain what happened. Superman possessed by Starro will show up at some point and then Celestia gets possessed by Starro resulting in an epic battle between Batman and possessed Celestia.

I hoped it was Bruce Wayne batman. But still good

Oh God. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Oh Odin and Zeus and Discord. A Batman Motherfucking Beyond crossover is here! I must have your babies! :heart:

I literally just had a heart attack. People saying that they like this is always nice. But you, you were the person that inspired me to write this and here you are saying that you like this. I have no words. None.
Thanks dude. Honestly, just thanks. This means a lot to me then you think..:twilightsmile:
Even though I knew that from before, thanks for the heads up.:twilightsmile:
Well I- Crap you said non sarcastic. Other from the fact that no one else made a Batman Beyond story, I just did it because I wanted to try something new. I usually stray from making any comic-type crossovers due to fear of the DC/Marvel fandom. Mainly because I'm scared I might screw up how a character acts. That's one of the reasons why I didn't make a Bruce-Batman story.

I didn't think it was possible to get something both a crossover, human, dark, and with so many errors, featured.

Congratulations.... I guess.

3041309 Everybody listen to this guy. He knows what he's talking about, and he's right about everything he's said.

I'm downvoting this story, because frankly, it's just plain terrible. I don't even think you proofread it.

I try my best!:fluttershysad: Although, I was surprised that it was featured too. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to get so big, especially since i put up this story a day ago. But it doesn't bug me. I don't know if everyone's just being nice, or they legitimately like my work, but no matter what they do it won't stop me!
Thanks for your honesty though! If you did enjoy this, then I hope you enjoy the future chapters too!:twilightsmile:

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